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Lewis Snow   United States
Ahnok, Zu'u los Lewis Od, Zu'u los dovah ahrk Zu'u tinvaak Dovahzul zul do dovah. Zu'u hind hi wonderful laas ahrk congrats wah naangein tol vis etaak daar.
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About me ^.^
Im a Badass ^.^ (sorta)
I like to play games and draw, I dont do commisions so dont ask.
@============There will be more^^^^^============@
:Meeting peps ^.^
:The colors Green,Red,and Blue
:Assholes (I should hate myself X3)
:Getting my hair cut off
:Being accused of being something im not
:The night/Dark areas (maybe nice landscape though)
:Carrot soda (WTF kinda world do I live in that makes that X3)
:Being in clusters of people
-----------------------------------:Game types:-------------------------------
:Fast Paced Shooters
:Towor Defiance
:And more I cant list :P
--------------------------------:Music Types:-------------------------
:Electro Swing
:Dubstep (Kinda)
:Japan (Like "Pop Drop Candy" )
:30s-50s music
:Chiptune (bit music/ 8bit and ext)
-------------:I might add more later:--------------
Lewis Od Jun 30 @ 10:50am 
(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)
:pyro:Ur like, cool and stuff.:pyro:
Lewis Od May 7 @ 4:26am 
V ye
Gryph May 7 @ 2:45am 
+rep runs HVT POTIs over
lilbigstriker Dec 13, 2017 @ 9:48am 

1.Highlight the numbers
2.Press Ctrl+F
3.Press 9
4.Read the message
12. Inspire many
Merry Christmas cuck.
Love you buddy, bffffffs. <3
Pro Skrub Jun 4, 2017 @ 4:53pm 
Oh hai