David   Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
i provide a brokering service with a 5-10% fee!
if you have a private bp/profile when adding me expect to be ignored.
people ive angered be looking at my profile and making fun of me because of my tf2 playtime :)
here are some weird and funny comments ive seen:
Autism_level100 : ♥♥♥♥ me right now
Autism_level100 : DO U WANA ♥♥♥♥
Autism_level100 : ♥♥♥♥ face wakewake
ScootyBootyBlaster : I want pyro to blow me like he blew up that balloon
guac : are you lack toes and taller it
[VIP] silla pepino : ♥♥♥ is stored in the brain, and i got headache

[VIP] BilliTheSpaceKitty : uhoh
[VIP] BilliTheSpaceKitty : daddy incoming
LEGO® CITY Abortion Clinic™ has joined the game
[VIP] Accursed Swoosh : im unsure so fart
[VIP] BilliTheSpaceKitty : i got head
[VIP] BilliTheSpaceKitty : finally
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Galaxy Feb 6 @ 1:38am 
about 15 hours late, but congrats on 20k hours in tf2 dude!
DaVinchi Jan 31 @ 8:45am 
and i caught you aimbotting.
✡Heemeea✡ Jan 31 @ 8:44am 
-rep You ain't escaping this fate, my friend.
DaVinchi Jan 26 @ 5:16am 
f-f-foof Jan 26 @ 3:15am 
This man smells of expired milk
DaVinchi Dec 21, 2022 @ 2:07pm