Jenny XJ-9 💙
Jennifer Bennan / Nirene Arctara   United States
offy wuz hear :miyu:
Fuϲk cringe culture, long live happiness!

Trans girl halfway through undergrad.
Omae Wa Mou On'nanoko
You can take The Princess out of the party but you can't take the party out of The Princess!

Friendly neighbourhood gay who likes doing stupid and often difficult ♥♥♥♥ in video games. Currently working on speedrunning Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 100%. Check out the leaderboards here. Mostly on the IL boards until I can do a full run. [] You can catch me learning and practicing live here on my twitch. [] For important videos like progress runs, ILs, etc, they will be uploaded here at my youtube channel.

"And the science gets done and you make a neat run with the people who are still alive." -Spike

Homophobes and Transphobes ♥♥♥♥ off. #TEETHGANG

Destroy supremacy and all it stands for. Crush the bones of fascists into fine dust.

Sys specs:

Thermaltake C32 Case
ZOTAC GTX 970 SC - 3.5 GB vram
Intel i7 6700 - 4 cores, 3.4 GHz
Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU cooler
Trident Z RGB 32 GB DDR4 @ 3200 MHz - 2 sticks @ 16 GB
Seasonic 650W PSU - 80+ Gold
MSI B150M Mortar Motherboard

Monitor is a pair of Dell S2721DGF's (1440p, 165Hz, IPS)

GMT -8
Currently Online
Best Times & Challenge Runs
Splinter Cell v1 Any% Normal: 1:09:56 IGT (12th)

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Lighthouse Any% Normal IL: 2:18 IGT (4th)
Bank Any% Normal IL: 3:39 IGT (2nd)
Hokkaido Any% Normal IL: 2:28 IGT (3rd)

100% (Sum of Best: 1:02:13)
Lighthouse 100% Expert IL: 2:31 IGT (2nd)
Cargo Ship 100% Expert IL: 5:14 IGT (WR)
Bank 100% Expert IL: 5:18 IGT (WR)
Penthouse 100% Expert IL: 6:07 IGT (WR)
Displace 100% Expert IL: 4:50 IGT (WR)
Hokkaido 100% Expert IL: 3:45 IGT (WR)
Battery 100% Expert IL: 5:58 IGT (WR)
Seoul 100% Expert IL: 6:52 IGT (WR)
Bathhouse 100% Expert IL: 10:12 IGT (WR)
Kokubo Sosho 100% Expert IL: 11:26 IGT (WR)

Left 4 Dead 2
Full Campaign Playlist on Expert Realism, 2 Players No Bots.

Expert Realism, 2 Players No Bots. T1 Only+No Deagles.
Dead Center
The Passing
Dark Carnival
Swamp Fever
Swamp Fever (Tamari's pov)
Hard Rain
No Mercy
Death Toll
Dead Air
Blood Harvest
Fatal Freight
Fratal Freight (Tamari's pov)

Payday 2
Election Day Swing Vote: 1:10
Shacklethorne Auction: All Loot ECM Rush
Shacklethorne Auction: All Loot ECM Rush (Marc's Video/PoV)

R3A1 "Resuscitation" Solo
R3A2 "Purification" Solo
R4A1 "Cytology" Solo High

Killing Floor 2
Controlled Difficulty on Monster Ball (ASL_v3 Spawn Cycle, 96MM)
Controlled Difficulty on Ville De Doom (GSO Spawn Cycle, 40 MM)
Controlled Difficulty on Synthwavething (GSO Spawn Cycle, 50 MM)
Controlled Difficulty on FrightYard (GSO Spawn Cycle, 45 MM)

Halo: MCC (PC)

Halo Reach:
Winter Contingency, 0 Deaths/Iron Skull (Pre-Release Flight 3)
Winter Contingency Mythic (SLASO + No Save-Quit) (Pre-Release Flight 3)

Dark Souls 3
No Hit Darkeater Midir
No Hit Slave Knight Gael

GTA Online
Cutting Coroners in 49.239 w/ Bati 801
Screenshot Showcase
You won't have to worry about the NSF for much longer.
4 1
Completionist Showcase
Perfect Games
Achievements in Perfect Games

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