Platinum Blitz
Favorite Ponies:

The Mane 6: Pinkie Pie
Fillies: The CMC, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

Mares: Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Berry Punch and Film Reel
Stallions: Thunderlane, Apple Cinnamon and Neon Lights
Fillies: Dinky Hooves, Chirpy Hooves, Ruby Pinch, Apple Flora, Sweet Tooth and Ginger Snap
Colts: Rumble, Pipsqueak, Shady Daze, Featherweight, Dipsy Hooves and Strike

Side Characters:
Cheerilee, Soarin', Daring Do, Twilight Velvet, Spitfire, Inkie and Blinkie Pie

Villains: Trixie

I'm not really a big time chatter box, so pardon if I don't say anything as I am a bit on the reserved side of the spectrum.

If you happen to be from PF2, or Friendship is Gaming, don't hesitate to add me, I always accept people who add me from there :)

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Might not be on in 3 days, so happy early birthday!
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Oh, and also thanks for using my services <3
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Yay I'm one of the best ponies ^^