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"Sufferance on the surface is our sustenance. Through difficulties to honors. Through hardships to paradise."
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Just a gaming, sci-fi, and visual novel/anime enthusiast. I was born and lived most of my life in Brazil, but now I'm living in the United States. I'll usually treat you the same way that you treat me, so don't be a dick and I probably won't be one. Everybody is free to live as they see fit as long as their choices don't jeopardize others; this said, I don't like political correctness, censure, and self-righteous extremists. In order to be respected, one must first learn to respect.

:ufo: The truth is out there. :ufo:

:nier_commander: Glory to Mankind! :nier_commander:

:SkullOfFallenWarrior: Are you losing your way or are you lost? :SkullOfFallenWarrior:

:p2blue: Profile picture done by Katelyn James! :p2orange:


:Letter: Please don't ask me for games, cards, items, or anything else if you're not willing to trade something in return.

:Letter: If you would like to add me, that's alright. However, don't expect me to accept friend requests from someone I've never even played with before. If I don't know you, but you want to add me, leave a comment on my profile letting me know why you're doing so.

:Letter: Don't push or keep asking me to trade something with you if I refuse the first time. "No" doesn't mean "maybe," let alone "yes," so don't be an asshole.

:Letter: Don't ask me to do something that goes against my principles. No, I won't report a player just because they're new to the game and are learning. No, I won't kick someone to make room for you, and I will never take advantage of exploits and glitches in competitive games. If you're hacking and I am aware of that, I won't give a damn whether you're on my team or not, I will report you.

:Letter: Fuck EA.

Other places where you can find me:

GOG: Darkwratheon [www.gog.com]

Xbox Live: Darkwratheon [account.xbox.com]

PSN: Darkwratheon [my.playstation.com]

Battlenet: Darkwratheon#1105

Nintendo (friend code): SW-4223-1773-7228

Rockstar Games Social Club: Darkwratheon [pt.socialclub.rockstargames.com]
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Primeira vitória da equipe Doge Covenant devido a rage quit da equipe inimiga.

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