Lil Broomstick
Joshua.Isaiah.Ramirez.Crespo.Torrez   Haverstraw, New York, United States
Welcome to the house of Madness!
Please read on to know whats to know about me

Brother is currently playing on my account

My name is Joshua Isaiah Ramirez Crespo Torrez
AKA, Darksider_Gaming
Im a Gamer (you:Really!? I diddnt notice!) , a musician ,
(Furture) CEO of a game dev company, and an animator
I like classical ,, 90's , 80's , 70's, 60's , and 50's music (maybe -some of todays music)
Im a 15 yr old Dude in Highschool

If you want to be my friend talk to me first (via comments or in-game)

Rules if you want to be my friend
1. Dont ask for Shit (I use to give away shit but not anymore so Fuck off)
2. Dont be a dick or be blocked ( i dont want BS here)
3. I dont like FNAF Period ( i just dont like it or its fandom so no Fnaf related -names and or profile pics )
4. No private profiles, either you are a public profile or you are ignored
5. multible friend request after being ignored will be blocked

Now Some Notes!
1.Gifts will be given to CLOSE friends. is near impossible to be a close friend of mine
3.Gifts are Greatfully apreciated, and will return the favor (with "intrest" so to -speak some sort)
4.I'll play games with anybody WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT
5. I will play the following games:Counter-strike:Global Offensive, Payday 2, Battlefield:Bad Company 2, Garrys Mod , Team Fortress 2, Mount Your
-Friends, and many more to come!
6. I play pirated games using hamachi Messege me If you would
-like to play pirated games

7.I can talk about whatever, whever im online serious,silly, or even personal
- I am here.
8.I will soon make Youtube videos and Is always looking to play with any
9.I give out Tf2 scrap for Emoticons,Help,Teaching, and certain things we
-can discuss.
10.I use Vulgar language that include Nigga , B*tch, F*CK, F*ggot,P*ssy,sh*t -ect.
11. My skype is Darksider JIRC

welp I hope you be mah nigga/homie then give me a shout Peace!

*personal News update*
Just got hurt by a friend miss them very much guess I wasn't online as much? Probably why they unfriended me but sucks because I was very close with them shell probably never read this but what fucking ever

NOT PART OF CANCER FaZe Clan! thats my brother pretending
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Mat_amer__* Jun 11 @ 4:42pm 
add me you fuck lets play rust
Lil Broomstick Jun 18, 2016 @ 4:15pm 
-Rep Lets little brother play on his steam account and gives him a bad Reputation