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The one and only. I enjoy casual walks on the beach, relaxing with a refreshing beverage watching the sunset, and putting ridiculous amounts of money into an online FPS to obtain virtual hats with pixels on them. I smaart

Crazy Shit Unboxed;
stormy 13th hour Western Wear
bubbling Jumpers Jeepcap
blizzardy storm Private Eye
stare from beyond Blighted Beak
circling heart Valley Forge
energy orb King of the Jungle Minigun (Factory new)
starstorm insomnia Cranial Carcharodon
infernal flames Party Trick taunt unusualifier
orbiting fire Toy Soldier
stat-trak autotronic Gut-knife, minimal wear
Bad Pipes taunt unusualifier
Proletariat Posedown taunt unusualifier
showstopper High-five taunt unusualifier
strange Anthropod Aspect elite grade
strange Catastrophic Companions elite grade
hellish inferno Burstchester unusualifier
Russian Arms Race taunt unusualifier
mega strike Meet the Medic unusualifier
Luxury Lounge taunt unusualifier
purple confetti Smokey Sombrero
showstopper Victory Lap unusualifier
Spent Well Spirits taunt unusualifier
searing plasma Head Hedge
massed flies Tundra Top
Most Wanted taunt unusualifier
Miami Nights Hong Kong Cone
omniscient orb Antarctic Eyewear (same case!)
poisonous bubbles of regret Buy a Life taunt unusualifier (same case!)
Most Wanted taunt unusualifier

DarkkevinC : luigi you need to rename your medi-gun to 'Hiroshima healing'
luigibird : hmmm
luigibird has renamed their Spark of Life (Medi Gun) to Hiroshima Healing

Caruso: And if you want this rendered in 4k, i can do that
DarkkevinC: well, the higher the "k", the better right? lol
DarkkevinC: I need to do some work Irl though, so Ill be back in a few. Ill stay online
Caruso: alright, 10k it is
Caruso: ok
DarkkevinC: awesome lol
Caruso: and at 10k, it should be done rendering in a year
DarkkevinC: holy crap, better get comfortable
DarkkevinC: were gonna be here awhile
Caruso: maybe rent a few movies...
DarkkevinC: Ill go pop some popcorn
DarkkevinC: a LOT of popcorn
Caruso: Ill get some drinks
DarkkevinC: make sure to get the extra wide super-duper extremo cup
Caruso: 50 gallon barrels of drinks... got it
DarkkevinC: oh and a candy bar
DarkkevinC: a single candy bar
DarkkevinC: watching my weight, you know?
Caruso: Right, right.
Caruso: Cant forget the surround sound system
Caruso: But anyway, you got things to do, so I'll let you go
DarkkevinC: alright, let me go pop that years worth of popcorn lol
DarkkevinC: Ill be back :D
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I soon as I took the pic, he dabbed. fucking hell
Implex Jun 12 @ 12:13pm 
+rep cool dude!:rlxdevil::rlvenom:
Pesky Bee May 31 @ 7:22pm 
+rep very friendly trader
Piggansta May 15 @ 12:22pm 
+rep held an untradeable item that was part of a trade until it was tradeable. #legend
BBC2SNIPER1 Nov 29, 2017 @ 8:06pm 
+rep trustworthy with~300cad on scm for a trade
GarfnielDeGrasseTyson Jan 26, 2017 @ 8:42pm 
+rep Pretty awseome, very generous, funny and has nice hats. <3
country road Jul 28, 2016 @ 4:37pm