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*Click* At first "More info" and read this then below thx chu much ^w^
:spacecreature:My contitions to accept add pwease read:spacecreature:

(i do not accept)
1: Private Profiles
2: Profiles with steam Level under 10 (exept when i add)
3: Profiles with more then 1 VAC Ban
4: If u want to add me only to insult me or my familie
so i not tolarable this and
u get deled and ignored and reported
My feelings:

Need Care:💛
Sad and sometimes become panic:💢
Scared: 🌫
Much sad:🌧
Not in the mood or bad mooded:🔕
Need Love and near:❤
🦀 (Lovely Wolfie sleepe or cuddles ^:Heartyou:^)
Sleepy/Sleeping: 💤
Feeling not fine: 🕯
Nerved: 🌩
Bored: 🙀
Pissed on: 💣
Rare emotions of Roxy:
Want die:🗡
Dont want to be a bag for outher so gonna kill my self:🔫
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:Heartyou:Welcome to my profile:Heartyou:

Heya This here is my Profile ^w^ i am roxy so i hope u read the box and hopefully send me an add ^w^
I am normally a furry but for my Husband i am a kancolle character ♡
Here some infos about me ^:Heartyou:^
:techs: My name is Roxy
:techs: I am 17 years old
:techs: I dont gonna tell u what sexualty i have.....first i need to know u better ^w^
:techs: What Race/Species i am:wfmerc: i am a Wolfgirl with cute ears and tail
:techs: Dom/submassive role?: I am always Submassive but when my master want it i am Dominate ^w^
:techs: Color of my fur?: I have a cute Gry fur over my body also my hands and tail are on the spit a little orange >w<
:techs: How high i am?: 1.76 cm
:techs: My weight?: NOPE! i am not gonna tell it u until we both know each outher better ^^
:techs: What waifu i have?:
💖Here is the importend one of the Box my Familie 💖
:Heartyou: Here we have my :Heartyou:Husband:Heartyou: he is Dominate and always a cutie to me he protect me for everything and i love him so much i will never leave him ^:Heartyou:^
:techs: Here my cutie pup :Heartyou::Heartyou::Heartyou: Rachie :Heartyou::Heartyou::Heartyou: I love her much and i support her and i will protect her from everything ^w^
my second pup Noriko
:Heartyou: Friends i got? right here: /
:techs: Sister i have only her i want: :Heartyou: My cutie twix Michelle!~:Heartyou:
:2017trophy:Likes/Favorite stuff/Character ^w^:2017trophy:
:techs: What character i have::wfmerc: I am normaly a shy cute wolf but when someone speaks bad about my master or friends i get realy mad and u got a problem then ^w^
:techs: My favorite plüshie is a little Crab [www.amazon.de] and she is friend with the octopuss of my master >w<
:techs: My languages i can speak are: English,Italian,a little bit german i am in learning with that and my master :Heartyou:helps me with it ^w^
:techs: My favorite animal are: Cats, Dogs, Crabs and of course like my fursona a wolf
:techs: What favorite herbs i have?: Actula i cant choose myself between mint and origano o.o
:techs: What favorite games i got?: mhhh~ I like playing Snactum and also Left 4 dead 1/2, also i like playing World of tanks and sometimes World of warships. Last one my master plays activ
:techs: What favorite weapon i have?: i love to play with the M4A4 or M16 owo
:techs: My favorite nations? u asked?: i like Japane and Germany and my home country ^w^
:UK: Fetishes/Likes >/////< :techs:

:UK: Likes: i love to cum in Pantyhoses :nekoheart: o.o

:UK: kinks/Fetish: Feet ,Pantyhose
I realy hope u enjoyed reading this! Me and my master did this box togther and i thank him to get a cute box like this ^w^ also i thank him for everything he done for me *kisses him long* i will never leave u master :Heartyou:



► Rules before add me

●I do not accept Private Profiles
● I do not accept random people
● I do not accept anyone below level 5. (Well i'l have some exceptions)
● I do not accept any drama-queens.
● Comment why you are adding me.

► Fursona Information

Name:Michelle Goldenpaw
Personality: Friendly
Fur Color:
Eyes Color:Green
Height: 5'9
Weight 57 kg
Likes:Cookies,games,flowers,accessories,belly rubs,etc.
Dislikes:Mean people,hurting,being hurt,etc.

My daddy
My Master
My twin Sister
my brother

► Best Friends

1. Alex -He was always near me when i needed the most,thank you Alex~
2.. Sinon V. -He is a true friend that always (tries) to cheer me up everytime.
3. Zira -Zira may seem like a drama queen but it's NOT!He's respectful,cute,a VERY good friend and a trust-worthy comrade!
4. Sugarette~ -He's a very smart guy.I can honestly say you're the biggest rebel against all the corrupted U.S.A! #FUCKTRUMPTHEWHORE
5.. SGOTW -Nice RP and ERP.Also challenging player on TF2.

► Favourite games

● Half Life 2:Episode One
● Unturned
● Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
● Grand Theft Auto:V


Q:How old are you?
A:I'm 17 years old.

Q:Are you a boy?

Q:Where am i From?

Q:What languages do you speak?

Q:Can you show me your REAL face?
A:i'l show my face to persons that i really trust and care about.

Thanks for visiting my profile!

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Have a great weekend my lovely boopie >/////< i love u so much :heartyou:
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Have a wonderful weekend :cinnamon2: :nekoheart:
:Heartyou::Heartyou:I wish my cutie a awesome weekend i love uuuu >.< :Heartyou::Heartyou:
My lovely boopie >♡< :Heartyou: