Call me Dany   Como, Lombardia, Italy
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:cuphead::polybridgestationwagon::2016trophy:Everyone Welcome to my Profile:2016trophy::polybridgestationwagon::cuphead:
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✨Everyone Welcome to my Profile✨
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:tvloco: To the hype train for pokemon sword and shield :tvloco:
:tvloco: To the hype train for Bayonetta 3 :tvloco:
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About me

:correctamundo: For friends call me Dany :pizzaitaly:
:correctamundo: 20 years old
:correctamundo: 6 years on steam
:correctamundo: Member since 28 Nov. 2012
:correctamundo:I am thou, Thou art i

Favorite game's and vote

💎✨my favourite games are: ★ Pokèmon ★ Overwatch ★✨💎

:Steady_Aim:PC game's:Steady_Aim:
:correctamundo:Tomb Raider serie's 9/10
:correctamundo:garry's mod 9/10
:correctamundo:portal 2 10/10
:correctamundo:cuphead 12/10

:Steady_Aim:Nintendo 3DS game:Steady_Aim:
:correctamundo:Pokémon ultra moon 10/10
:correctamundo:Pokémon X and Y 10/10
:correctamundo:Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 10/10

:Steady_Aim:PS4 game's:Steady_Aim:
:correctamundo:Uncharted serie's 9,5/10
:correctamundo:Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy 10/10
:correctamundo:Good of war 10/10
:correctamundo:Persona 5 "playing.."

:Steady_Aim:Nintendo swicth game's:Steady_Aim:
:correctamundo:The legend of zelda breath of the wild 12/10
:correctamundo:Super mario odyssey 12/10
:correctamundo:Pokémon let's go Pikachu and eevee 12/10
:correctamundo:Super smash bros ultimate 12/10
:correctamundo:New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 10/10
:correctamundo:Xenoblade chronicles 2 12/10
:correctamundo:Bayonetta 2 9/10

:trpickaxe::Eagle_Eye:What the vote mean's:Eagle_Eye::trpickaxe:

1/10 - 3/10 "realy bad and boring game"
4/10 - 7/10 "they are good but not realy good"
8/10 - 10/10 "awesome games to have on your collection's"
12/10 "game that you MOST own on your collection"

Stupid stuff about me

i love :pizzabox: <3
my favoure pokèmon's are
:correctamundo:Incineroar "ガオガエン":ROTTR_fire:
:correctamundo:Aron "ココドラ"

:correctamundo:Yes currently i have a job


:correctamundo:My heros are, Symmetra, Reinhardt, Mercy and Moira
:correctamundo:In competitive im a Plat. Rank
스크린샷 전시대
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
제품 평가 전시대
21 시간 플레이
Finaly i can reviewing this game after i finished. "ususaly i dont make review like this but this game deserves it"

Q:how was the gameplay?
A:the game was awesome with gameplay and quick time event, I did not find any problems.

Q:how was the graphics, and the puzle difficulty?
A;the graphics was ok for this game, i never foud a graphics bug or glicht, the puzle are very difficult some time i was stuck only at one puzle "for like 20 minutes".

Q:did you ever have drop of fps during the game? if yes why?
A:thanks to my mew pc i didnt found any kind of bugs or problem playing the game again, so i suggest to have a strong pc for this game.

Q:I recommend this game?

:graphics and environment:
X realistic
◻ awesome
◻ its ok
◻ can be better
◻ minecraft vanilla texture pack

:Gameplay and story:
X i love it
◻ that was cool
◻ ok, i guess
◻ i dont like it
◻ "unistalling the game"

"other suggestion"
X i recommend this game
◻ ...

my finaly vote 10/10

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