thats jack man
I might fuck around and find god.
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Rye, the Bread Feb 18 @ 7:01pm 
Part 2:

There is no part 2 I really need to go do this math homework
MemeThirsty Feb 18 @ 7:00pm 
no prob
Rye, the Bread Feb 18 @ 6:59pm 
This is the comment I said I would leave on your profile. It also doubles as a love story. Here it goes...

The night was cold, much like my broken refridgerator that keeps freezing my FUCKING MILK CMON FRIDGE FUCK YOU. Sorry about that, you look at me? Hey? Got milk? We're back in 1993 and in a "Got Milk" commercial. "You promise me you'd give me milk daddy" I say looking at you with wide eyes. "Fine bitch, I'll give you some milk." We drive to the store and pick up a gallon of milk. Because we're on a roll we decide to go buy a new fridge so our milk stops freezing. Thanks for the new fridge!
MemeThirsty Jan 11 @ 2:44pm 
+rep I'm a pretty cool guy
Squidstick Brown Jan 11 @ 2:43pm 
+rep is a juicy boi
Squidstick Brown Jan 11 @ 2:38pm 
-rep actually thinks that we aren't friends