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Leave a reason why you're adding me.
Chances are, if an item of mine isn't on me atm, its on OP.
Not adding anyone to discuss trades under market value.
Trade link
opskins store []
Be wary of impersonators
I will always be lvl 100+
1000+ hours on CS:GO
750 hours on Cod 4
750+ hours on MW3
Currently Online
Currently an active impersonator of mine, do not add / trade with him.

General Information
Do not add me without a valid reason - Type the reason down in my comments. Leave a detailed reason, I won't add anyone to discuss low tier trades

I've only got one account I trade with, only one alt which is my storage account.

Not looking towards blue gems lately, but I will consider one if its presented at a fair price.

Always looking out for a bulk seller, will buy bulk knives / items @ 80-85% of average prices.

Trading For Cash

opskins store []

Don't add me if you don't see me advertising that I'm selling skins or keys for bitcoins, because chances are I'm not. Same goes with paypal, I don't always sell, so stop bothering me about it.

My cash rep can be found here.

Make sure you're trading with me and not with an impersonator or anyone who is claiming to be me.

My Storage Account

Rest In Peace Dupstylez, you will be remembered by all.
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Boro Jan 15 @ 4:20pm 
added for the kara fade you have on you alt account
KFC so good | Jan 15 @ 5:48am 
added for trade
Rob Boss Jan 15 @ 4:05am 
adding you for nice prof pic
Lizard Jan 9 @ 10:06am 
no.1 highest float five seven nitro float value of 0.7998634576797485 please add on steam if you are interested :)
Lemmys Jan 8 @ 4:20pm 
got kara fake emerald pixel corner 0.011, interested?
V a s h Jan 4 @ 4:58pm 
added from reddit RE sapphire