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Thank you Rick May, were all so glad that we got to experience your voice as the Soldier and Peppy Hare. "Godspeed, you magnificent bastard."
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Info box of horrible wonders
I'm DanishSoup. A stoopid person who spends every second in his life playing some weird FF2 server in Tf2. Currently in high school n work n sh** so that's ebic. I started playing Tf2 in 2012 but It was from another account so I made this one in 2018. Everything is going nicely atm.
Also I really want to zucc some good di**
Please don't add me for your scams, I don't care and I'll block ye lad.
"A guy gotta nut sometimes." - Bill Gates 1995

A little-bittle about me
-I started playing Tf2 right before the mvm update. I was using my brothers account with his craptop so that's why I don't have the hours to show it. I didn't enjoy casual during that time and even today. Instead I would always play on a certain Minecraft trade server. Took a little while to stop playing that server which idk if its even still around and that's when I took a break from the game. 2016 is when I finally came back again to Tf2 and found the skial FF2 server. One I would play even today. Later on in 2018 I decided to create my own Steam account and that's pretty much it up till this point.
-My username came from nowhere, I'm not sure the backstory behind it but it's probably that I got bored so I came up with something dumb. That being said i'm not actually Danish. I am an Asian smarta**
-Favorite games consist of Tf2, the Oddworld series, Minecraft, Terraria, Doom, Garry's mod,
LittleBigPlanet, Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle, Flying Gorilla, and Joe mama.
-I have a pet ferret. he probably speaks Spanish so he cant understand me.
- GoldenCheeze is my mom, don't ask how I was born.
-I got this background for free by getting 2k damage with the grenade launcher in FF2 lmao. Thanks Tyro.
-Avatar was commissioned for me by someone I met through amino. I don't see any trace of them
-I still game on Windows 98, thanks Bill Gates

Stuff bout life
My life is quite strange. You do some dumb things to others in the past and well you regret it later on. And I guess regretting things and knowing you could do better is a good sign of growth in your life. After all, if it wasn't for those dumb things I'd probably be in a horrible situation today. Looking back at it, I was pretty bummed out because of it all. And If I remember I blamed a lot of people other than myself. But the real problem is that I never thought about myself. Would've I liked it to take it all back and fix up that moment? Oh yeah, 100%. But life don't work like that, when those moments happen all you gotta do is move forward and grow. Not like burn bridges no no no, I think looking at your past and having that reminder to be better is something really important to me. Dreams come slow, but they die too fast. I guess I did make up for that person later on.

Well thats enough about me, I got one more thing to say:
I want to dedicate this part to all of my friends and all the other people in FF2.

Its been a long time with you all, and all of you are the best people I've ever met through this stupid server. One of the reasons why I still play is because all of the ebic people I meet from day to day and the fun I have. And maybe some of you will stop playing, I will too one day. But I'll always remember you all and all the moments we have. Its always a miracle to have these tiny moments in your life and to experience them. All the og players i've met, thanks for the golden times of FF2. And to the new players, you guys are still amazing for keeping this niche FF2 community alive. You all are the best. But for now, I want to keep playing and enjoying our moments while we can. You'll never know when it will all end and when we move forward beyond Tf2. Even if its 20 years from now, never forget your best memories. -Danish

Also never forget those moments you called me or I called you an idiot. Love that stuff. -Also Danish

P.S Valve, stop being North Korea for once by censoring swears. You guys are mean :(
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