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This game... was truly an amazing experience.

The atmosphere, story, and metafictional aspects in this game are impeccably created, which in turn, creates a perfectly compelling, emotional, and surreal experience. The soundtrack adds onto this, helping create an atmosphere proper for the situation, and adding emotion to every single track. The characters all feel alive and unique; it's difficult not to feel compassionate, empathetic, and caring towards them. Adding on to this, the characters (especially the protagonist) make you feel cared about; it never feels like they don't care about you or think of you as a random person, but rather, they think of you as a trustful friend, like you really matter. All of these combined make one of the most memorable games ever.

I strongly recommend this game. If I had to give a score, it would be an easy 10/10. This game has easily been one of the best things I've ever spent $10 on.

I also strongly recommend going into this game blind. Spoilers will ruin it.
Posted September 4, 2018.
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Early Access Review
To be frank, I kind of underestimated this game at first and I hate that I did so.

This indie game is extremely fun and enjoyable and every time I play it with my friends we always have a blast. As well, it's development is only in ALPHA right now, and it doesn't even feel like it's in alpha, rather; it feels like a game that's been worked on for a lot longer.

I definitely recommend this game, playing this with friends is so fun, and there's lots of funny and memorable moments you can get from playing this with your buddies. Even without friends, this game is still extremely fun, as well!

Keep it up Matt, you're doing a great job! I cannot wait to see how amazing this game will be when it's finished!
Posted June 17, 2017. Last edited June 17, 2017.
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After playing this game for so long, I have to say this is definitely a great title to play. Sure, Overkill may have made some mistakes in the past *cough cough black market update cough cough*, and the game still has some problems, however in the end, they ended up fixing their mistakes and are overall listening to the community and fixing the current problems that the game has. I have to say that this game has surely improved over the past year and overall became a much more fun game to play. The community is also nice most of the time, however some people can still be rude in public lobbies. If you have a few friends you play with often, this game is extremely fun to play and I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Also, the fact that they combined all DLC into one bundle and made it much cheaper is hella kind of them. Oh, I almost forgot to mention; they gave out 5 million copies of the game FOR FREE. That's extremely generous, you have all my respect Overkill.
Posted June 17, 2017.
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Honestly, this DLC is actually really good in my opinion, and I'm glad I spent $5 on it.

The achievements might be silly or look impossible, but they're not near impossible. If you have friends who play Payday 2 and know what they're doing, the achievements are a breeze. Everyone says it's impossible because they don't put effort into getting the achievements...

The mods for the CAR and AK are amazing. They can make your CAR or AK rifle beasts of a gun.

Oh, and it has awesome dinosaur masks.

8/8 its gr8 m8
Posted May 25, 2015.
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All I can say about this is: It's too addicting. Please help meh.
Posted April 26, 2015.
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No More Room in Hell is a zombie survival game. There are 2 modes, one called Survival and one called Objective. Survival is where you (and your teammates) have to hold down an area or multiple areas from waves of zombies until the extraction comes. If your area(s) go down to 0% HP, then you will not be able to be extracted and therefore, will have to restart. The other mode, called Objective, is where you (and your teammates) will have to do certain objectives leading to extraction. The objectives range from blowing up something to placing certain objects somewhere. There are 2 difficulties as well, one called Classic, and one called Casual.

Classic is where you spawn with nothing, and you don't spawn at all when you die unless a major objective is completed or a wave is completed. Casual is where you will always spawn with a melee weapon, and you have respawn tokens. You have 3 when you join/start, but every 10 zombie kills will earn you a token. Each token will allow you to spawn in 5 seconds near a player when you die.

There are 3 zombie types in the game. The most common is slow, walking zombies. These guys just walk very slowly and attack if you get close. Be careful though, because these are common they can swarm you if your not careful. Less common is running zombies, which don't appear too often in the game. These guys run towards you very fast and sometimes require good timing to take down. The last is child zombies, which are basically childs that are zombies. These little guys are slower then runners, but faster then slow zombies. They will attack you, and it will not do that much damage but they can attack fast and can be a pain. They have a lower hitbox therefore requires you to aim a bit down to hit them. They have less health too and will usually die by one or two hits by a melee or gun to the head.

The game, overall, is really fun, especially with friends to play it with. The game, at first, may seem really hard to play, as guns and ammo are scarce, and melee you have the risk of getting hurt while striking. However, as you get more used to it, the game will turn out to be much easier. It is good to read the players survival guide for the game by clicking where it is located at the right where it says "Players Survival Guide" when you play the game at first, or if you need to be reminded about something.

There is a good range of guns and melee weapons you can find, and even get achievements for getting certain amount of kills with them. The game's engine is the Source Engine, which means that the game might be similar to Valve games such as TF2 and CS, such as the Developer Console. There is a few glitches in the game which may seem to make the game easier or slightly break the game, however it doesn't seem like a major thing. Most games have glitches sometimes, so it's fine. The developers of the game are constantly working on adding new content and fixing glitches. The developers also interact with the community in forums, and such as get players' opinions on certain things, which is nice. It's also free to play!

(TL;DR Really fun realistic zombie survival game that has multiple modes and zombie types that requires teamwork and coordination.)

Overall, I rate this game 10/10. Keep up the great work developers! :D
Posted November 1, 2014. Last edited April 28, 2015.
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Civ 5 is a game where you are the leader of a civilization, obviously. You can destroy your foes in a Domination Victory with your army, you can use education and science to win in a Science Victory, or maybe try for a different victory. Whether your more of a warmongering player or a peaceful player, Civ 5 is a great game to play with friends, family or maybe just randoms. You can make allies, enemies, or maybe just friends (that may or may not backstab you!) with other civilizations. You can explore the world and settle more cities to expand your civilization more, research technologies to unlock more features, make money by trading luxury resources and other stuff, and make wonders that will help your civilization in different ways. The game is also newb-friendly, as the guiders will help you grow your civilization through your first and upcoming journies. If you've played the previous Civ's, you're probably going to like Civ 5. The DLC "Brave New World" makes Civ 5 a whole lot better, such as it completely changes culture victories which makes it more interesting and fun overall to acomplish a Culture Victory. It adds more civilizations and wonders, and changes the way you make money by actually making you make trade routes with other civilizations or City-States to make money. However, the vanilla game without DLC is still pretty good. I, personally believe the game (and DLC) is worth the money.

Overall, I rate this game 10/10!
Posted November 1, 2014. Last edited November 25, 2016.
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Really fun game with lots of things to do. You can make scenes, you can make videos, screenshots, you can role-play, play other gamemodes such as TTT or prop-hunt, or just pretty much fool around! The possibilities are endless in this game! Be careful though, it can get addicting sometimes...
Posted January 12, 2014.
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