Dani   Michigan, United States
Welcome! I'm a Gourgeist, and I like to say boo!

I sometimes accept random friend requests. I am more likely to accept them if you leave a comment beforehand.

I don't always reply to every comment, but I always read them!

I usually avoid sending random friend requests; however, if I do send one, it's because I think we can be good friends.

I usually refrain from removing people off my friends list, as well.

I won't accept level 0 or private profiles.

Some stuff about me:

-My gender: Male

-My favorite games: OneShot, Killing Floor, Minecraft

-My favorite song(s) currently: Galileo Galilei - Aoi Shiori

-My favorite music artist: GHOST DATA [ghostdata.bandcamp.com]

-My Discord tag: Daniflytrap#0047

-I'm neutral on numerous fandoms.

-If you want to roleplay, that's fine. Before doing so, however, ask me first. I'm not always in the mood.
I will not do erotic roleplay!

-I'm decently bashful. I may not always initiate conversations, but I'm usually willing to chat!

-I may seem like a serious person, but I am generally much more playful once you get to know me.

-I tend to fancy vaporwave, retrowave and future funk music.

-One of my favorite hobbies other than videogames is writing.

-I love cats!

-I'm a huge nyctophile. (I love the nighttime.)

-I'm what others would call an "achievement hunter."

-That's all I have, for now.
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Makes Azazel look like how he does in NotYourSagittarius's art.
This is not mine; I simply ported it to Afterbirth+ from Sag's original Rebirth mod.
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We are the RUH group xd
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This game... was truly an amazing experience.

The atmosphere, story, and metafictional aspects in this game are impeccably created, which in turn, creates a perfectly compelling, emotional, and surreal experience. The soundtrack adds onto this, helping create an atmosphere proper for the situation, and adding emotion to every single track. The characters all feel alive and unique; it's difficult not to feel compassionate, empathetic, and caring towards them. Adding on to this, the characters (especially the protagonist) make you feel cared about; it never feels like they don't care about you or think of you as a random person, but rather, they think of you as a trustful friend, like you really matter. All of these combined make one of the most memorable games ever.

I strongly recommend this game. If I had to give a score, it would be an easy 10/10. This game has easily been one of the best things I've ever spent $10 on.

I also strongly recommend going into this game blind. Spoilers will ruin it.

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KinGZenitsu 5 mars à 21h57 
add you to talk about a trade i want to do with you
dupie 1 janv. à 2h12 
i love night time too! its nice and cool and it can be super romantic uwu! :froit:
Daniflytrap 10 déc. 2019 à 17h19 
ikr so amazing
nathank7256 10 déc. 2019 à 15h06 
csgo skins ? woohoo !
NightLordVampire2007 8 déc. 2019 à 0h31 
wholesome ♥♥♥♥♥ moment !!!!!
nathank7256 15 sept. 2019 à 1h44 
Hey, it’s a shame I have to ping again and bring bad news. But I just got news from champion mains staff that a Reddit admin himself just told them that the subreddit needs to stop this “Break lux bone, throw stone at lux, carpet bomb Brazil, jihadi/Muslim memes” and anything racist has to go or the subreddit gets quarantined or banned permanently depending on severity. I personally know we all have a sense of humor but this is too far for the Reddit Staff, and it has to come to a end and become more normie. (Please don’t harass them.) Again I know we’ve just a great 1v1 tournament and starting to make the sub/discord active again but I want to keep the subreddit I like alive and I want to keep you guys in the loop.