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:starplayer1: Rules for LEGEND and PRO slots [warmupserver.net]
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-=WarmupServer=- Staff:
Headadmin: Daniel Sensenbringer
Organisation & Coding: fragnichnach
Steamgroup: GYGA
Server-Admin: kRYSTAL
Server-Admin: iVaN0ff
Server-Admin: bhaktivedanta
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:metalkey::metalkey: Order [VIP] here! [warmupserver.net]
Just Login, Order and the rest is done automatically in ca 10 minutes! [warmupserver.net]

----------------> VIP prices (4 options to choose)<---------------------
:CapitalDome: 11,75€ -donation for 89 days VIP (on all servers)
:csgoct: 29,75€ -donation for 1 year VIP (on all servers)
:Diplomat: 47€ -donation for 30 months VIP (on all servers)
:csgoglobe: 89€ -donation for VIP for the server-lifetimes (on all servers)


------------------>the most important VIP benefits <----------------------
:myPentagram: PRIORIZED supply of one-sided-weapons-SKINS
:csgox: start a MENU BASED VOTEBAN (chat: !startvote <user> <reason>)
:csgogun: use VIP-WEAPONS (AWP, 5-7, ...)
:ssh: MUTE other players (chat: !mute <user>)
:acbutterfly: CHANGE CFG to Famas/Galil/P90 instead of 2nd-Rnd-Wpns (chat: !forcebuy)
:p2orange: get an extra Smoke and Zeus (Retakes)
:jack: commands !skip for skipping knife-rounds (Retakes)
:jazzy: commands !spec on/off for using the spectator mode (Retakes)
:icemen: priorized communication (steamadd) 5
:csgoa: always a RESERVED SLOT (console: "connect")
:csgob: NO LIMITS & all servers open 24-7

Don't cheat
and please, play with your Main Account . Admins are allowed to ban all obvious smurfs for cheating without a proof.

Have Fun & Come Back
:Geralt: Daniel Sensenbringer
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In Chat
Michael Deets 1 hour ago 
I was going to donate today, but I've been banned after playing 10 minutes on the aim_redline server, how long is the ban so I know when to donate?
daniels™ 5 hours ago 
Thanks for your order. Checked both of you. Your added correctly.
it takes ca. 10minutes for activating depending on the server. the maximum time is 35 minutes for activation. If you're still having any problems, please post again.
RaGNaRoK 21 hours ago 
Added regarding VIP
paid and nothing happend yet buddy
Adryel 23 hours ago 
added regarding VIP
Still no vip activation
daniels™ Apr 8 @ 9:10am 
@SHo added
@LANCHEZZZ ask via email or in the group please
@Semis not doing cooperations with streamers currently
LANCHEZZZ Apr 8 @ 7:32am 
added some questions regarding vip