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-=WarmupServer=- Staff:
Headadmin: Daniel Sensenbringer
Grafik-Designer: CRiZz
Organisation & Coding: fragnichnach
Server-Admin: kRYSTAL
Server-Admin: iVaN0ff
Server-Admin: GasieGaming
Server-Admin: bhaktivedanta

:metalkey::metalkey: Order [VIP] here! [warmupserver.net]
New: Instant [VIP] access! [warmupserver.net]
Just Login, Order and the rest is done automatically in a minute! [warmupserver.net]

------------------> VIP prices (3 options to choose)<---------------------------------
:CapitalDome: 9,99€ -donation for 3 months VIP (on all servers)
:csgoct: 27,50€ -donation for 13 months VIP (on all servers)
:Diplomat: 43€ -donation for 30 months VIP (on all servers)
:csgoglobe: 75€ -donation for VIP for the server-lifetimes (on all servers)

:InfinityKnife: If you donate with skins, prices are 35% higher!

------------------>the most important VIP benefits <---------------------------------
:myPentagram: PRIORIZED supply of one-sided-weapons-SKINS
:csgox: start a MENU BASED VOTEBAN (chat: !startvote <user> <reason>)
:csgogun: use VIP-WEAPONS (AWP, 5-7, Negev, ...)
:ssh: MUTE other players (chat: !mute <user>)
:acbutterfly: CHANGE CFG to Famas/Galil/P90 instead of 2nd-Rnd-Wpns (chat: !forcebuy)
:p2orange: get an extra Smoke and Zeus (Retakes)
:jack: commands !skip for skipping knife-rounds (Retakes)
:jazzy: commands !spec on/off for using the spectator mode (Retakes)
:icemen: priorized communication (steamadd) 5
:csgoa: always a RESERVED SLOT (console: "connect")
:csgob: NO LIMITS & all servers open 24-7

Don't cheat
and please, play with your Main Account . Admins are allowed to ban all obvious smurfs for cheating without a proof.

Have Fun & Come Back
:Geralt: Daniel Sensenbringer
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Daniel Sensenbringer 5 hours ago 
there was an order some days ago without a SteamID. I tried to send an email to you. Let's figure it out after you are back online.
pepe is your friend :D 14 hours ago 
ordered VIP 4 days ago and money was sent but still have no vip
Green Arrow May 21 @ 9:03am 
added you for pro slot, thanks :)
Daniel Sensenbringer May 18 @ 1:24pm 
looks like all vips were delivered. I added you for being further information.
saiya. May 18 @ 6:38am 
ordered vip 2 hours ago, didnt get it yet
com1nterN May 14 @ 9:02am 
ordered vip