DanthemaN <dTm>
Dan P   Dorset, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
“Enough is enough and it's time for a change.” WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

:csgoct: Played CS since 2000+ o_O :csgoskull: Worked for NiP, SK Gaming and CGS Stockholm Magnetik.

dTm aka DanTheMan
» Former NiP Editor-in-Chief (Jan 2005 - Sept 2007)
» Former CGS Stockholm Magnetik Assistant Manager (Sept 2007 - Jan 2008)
» Former SK Gaming News Staff (2004-2005)
» Former TAG (Team AMD Gamer) News Staff (2003-2004)

Currently "retired" from eSports, just enjoying the games and events! :csgoct::steamhappy:

Started the original Counter-Strike in Beta 5.2 (January 2000), played in both UK and USA teams over the years, some small 1.6 and Source LANs, took a break from CS in 2008 but back now thanks to CS:GO (August 2012+) and hooked ever since :)

Current Team: None

Previous Teams: SpecialNeeds, TYRVNT, LANimals and more

Normally make it to ESEA playoffs with some teams but normally fold after :( #UKCS

CS:GO Setup:
:csgoct: Res: 2560x1440 @ 165hz 16:9 :csgoct:
:csgoct: Sens: 1.2 @ 800dpi :csgoct:
:csgoct: Xhair: CS1.6 style 4 life :csgoct:
:csgoct: Gfx: All High, 0x AA :csgoct:

PC Hardware:
:csgoct: Specs: Intel Xeon 5675 @ 4.2Ghz / Asus P6X58D-E / EVGA Geforce GTX 980Ti / 12GB RAM / Corsair HX 750W
:csgoct: Screen: 27" Asus PG279Q IPS 165hz
:csgoct: Headphones: Sennheiser HD650 w Asus Xonar DX Soundcard
:csgoct: Stuff: Xtrfy HeatoN M3 Mouse & Xtrfy NiP Lightning Mousepad

:csgoct: Twitter - DanPalmer86
:jorji: Twitch - DanTheMan_UK [www.twitch.tv]

Behold the King, the King of Kings. Time to play The Game!

If you're not down with that then I've got two words for ya - suck it!

Good Luck Have Fun! :joker: :riddle: :batarang:

P.S. Elin Grindemyr - you're welcome :steamhappy:
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i only wanted a skin whit Sticker: Frosty the Hitman
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Guy add me!!! Can I buy your knife
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Dan i find you reasonably attractive.
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