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About Me
My name is Dan, I live in the south of England. I go to a local college and study; Philosophy, Business and Computer Science. I market and promote games primarily through the steam platform!

What I Do
I own something called the "Lots O Network" which is a collection of groups aiming to provide you a great community on steam!!

Lots O Network - Groups
-Lots O Giveaway's
-Lots O Tradin
-Lots O Gaming
-Giveaway Central
-Random Giveing
-Golden Giveaways
-CSGO: Trader and Raffles

Lots O Network - Social Media
-Website [lotsogg.com]
-Facebook [www.facebook.com]
-Twitch [www.twitch.tv]

Communities I Moderate
-Black Shell Media
-TF2 Stuff for Free

-I sponsor gaming companies, youtube channels, twitch accounts, and steam groups to help them grow [In Exchange for a payment]
-I sponsor games and greenlight campaigns to get them massive pulicity!

How to contact me
*Steam message me, make sure to comment why you are adding me first
*Email me at: daniel @ grist . org . uk

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Mal: "You know, it ain't altogether wise, sneaking up on a man when he's
handling his weapon."
Inara: "I'm sure I've heard that said. But perhaps the dining area isn't the
place for this sort of thing?"
Mal: "What do you mean? Only place with a table big enough."
Inara: "Of course. In that case..." (rearranges guns) "Every well-bred petty
crook knows -- the small concealable weapons always go to the far left of
the place setting."
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