I am Dama, I play games I write stuff sometimes, and I used to TF2 trade. (Will not accept random adds bad) 100 is also the maximum amount I will allow my friends list to go.
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:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:Team Fortress 2 Expensive Items History.:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:

Strange Australium Eyelander. (Dropped in MVM, and thats how i got my start.)
Stormy Storm Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats. (With key addon.)
Circling Heart Detective Noir.
Miami Nights Powdered Practitioner.
Skill Gotten Gains Yeti Punch.
Aces High Wraith Wrap.
Silver Cyclone I See You.
Smoking Plug in Prospector.
Kill-A-Wat Conquistador.
Circling TF Logo Tin Gallon Hat.
Searing Plasma Airdog.
Strange Aussie Scattergun. (MVM drop)
Strange Aussie SMG.
Strange Aussie Stickybomb Launcher.
Strange Aussie Grenade Launcher.
Yeti Smash Hellish Inferno.
Cloud 9 Darkfalkirk.
Green Energy Doctor Dapper Topper.

:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:MVM Tour Count And Special Item Count.:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:

Oil Spill: 1 Tour (Because meme) Tour 1: Blood BotKiller Rocket Launcher

Steel Trap: 0 Tours

Mecha Engine: 13 Tours Tour 10: Golden BotKiller Sniper

Two Cities: 40 Tours Tour 6: Aussie Eyelander
Tour 14: Pro Pan Kit
Tour 22: Aussie Scattergun
Tour 23: Pro Pistol Kit
Tour 28: Pro Batsaber Kit

Gear Grinder: 8 Tours Tour 8: Diamond Scattergun Botkiller

:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:My Top 15 Favorite Games.:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:

15. Shadow Of Mordor
14. Postal 2
13. Halo 2
12. Serious Sam The First Encounter
11. We Happy Few
10. Garry's Mod
9. Halo 1
8. Sam and Max
7. The Walking Dead Telltale Season 1
6. Shadow Of War
5. Team Fortress 2
4. Half-Life 1
3. Earthbound
2. Doom Eternal
1. Dishonored 1

:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:My Top 10 Favorite Movies.:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:

10. Step Brothers
9. Original Predator
8. Original Willy Wonka
7. Happy Gilmore
6. Hobo With A Shotgun
5. Wall-E
4. The Spongebob Movie
3. Ratatouille
2. Lord of The Rings Series
1. Halo Legends

:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:My Top 5 Favorite Reads.:Light1: :Light1: :Light1:

5. Beowulf
4. Mazerunner Series
3. Magic Treehouse Books (loved it when I was a kid :heartb:)
2. The Lord of The Rings
1. Homestuck
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Sorry if the formatting is weird, my review is to big lol.
This section will not be long as this plot is quite simplistic overall, but if i were to give an overall feeling, its alright. I really do not care honestly, the only thing I liked was I got to hear Serious Sam talk more. I will say one thing that bothered even me a bit, as well as others who cared about the story. This game has shown while they want the story to be a thing in Serious Sam, they basically got rid of the any story they built up in Serious Sam 3 or in other games. It effectively has redone the whole series plot, HOWEVER this does not mean the game itself like how it functions, or the guns in it are changed, in fact I am going to get to that now.

The gameplay as far as I am concerned, really feels like a mixture of the past games. I do feel Serious Sam 3 still here, with reloading, sprinting, and a couple of other things like the movement in general. But I do not mind, as the reloading feels less of a chore due to the larger amount of rounds you get per clip now. The Sprinting is not to much of an issue, negatives of it get negated later for reasons I will explain. Now for the guns, I personally loved the guns in this game. They felt heavy, they did damage, I just love the feel of them, and if you are worried about the amount of guns, I will say I believe almost every single gun from the last game has made a return, as well as new ones. The Laser gun, the cannon, the double barrel, the duel wielded pistols (in a way) are all here and are basically the same. New editions like the auto shotgun, the flaming chainsaw rocket launcher (legit a weapon) and others i don't think i can remember are here as well. I legit can not really state how many weapons their are, I know their are not a lot of new editions but considering that ALL the old guns are back really does say that Serious Sam's sandbox of weapons does not really need to be changed much and feels like a nearly perfected set. However I will mention their are new gimmick tools called "gadgets" you can use at any time. They are limited uses, only one use per gadget, but these are neat and offer a diverse amount of things you can do with them. An example being the rage serum, making you run faster, and deal more damage. Essentially, serious speed and damage at once.
So to make it brief, this game touches on smaller cramped areas, and giant and I mean GIANT areas. They were not kidding when they said they had massive areas, and I believe they made decent use of these. I will admit I felt like their may have not been enough levels with the aforementioned "thousands" of enemies, but I still think they used it quite well, and this is truly the most enemies I have seen in a Serious Sam entry. The levels detailing and actual environments are pretty solid, the colour palette was very green and red alot of the time.

It has its country side areas, its urban areas, even flaming burning areas to. Overall, I think its a good mixture and helps the pacing of the game alot for what it wants to do. The side objectives are here, and are actually pretty fun things to do, they reward you with the gadgets I mentioned, and offer a nice distraction from the main course, and will usually help you in the main objective, I see no reason as to why you would not do these as they are very rewarding, usually either giving good weapons early, or gadgets.

I will say this now, I think this is the most enemies I have ever seen from Serious Sam before. The sheer amount of different enemies is crazy, I have counted about over 30 in total, and still had them show up in the later levels. They do not feel redundant either, as they all play a role of some kind and will be used at some points. The creativity behind them is amazing to, I love the way they look and they brought back nearly all the enemies from the past games, and have a completely new different cast of them as well. I also have counted so far, 4 to 5 Unique boss fights, and about 3 sort of repurposed boss fights. (i.e Witch bride, khnum) That makes this game have probably the most boss fights out of any besides maybe Serious Sam 2, which I think is quite crazy.

I know a lot of people may not read my review, but all I am asking is that you give Croteam a break, and just understand this game is actually pretty good for the most part. I have not encountered any of the reported glitches, (not to mention a bunch of early reviewers got a scuffed press copy that wasn't updated in time) and I have not had really any performance issues. Keep in mind this is a 40$ game, and I am impressed with what I have seen so far, they also I believe promised a day-one patch, so just please take it easy on this game for now.
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Corkscrew Rules! is an officially licensed add-on for Postal 2, released only in Russia and Japan. While the original release was completely in russian, the japanese version had japanese text and english audio.

The add-on is available in the Steam works
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We're not Dark Hunters anymore. We're what Ancient called us seven thousand years ago - we're Piraka -Vezok

You've asked for them, and now they're here! The Piraka!



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