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:bluegem: Don't add me for no reason please!
:bluegem: Always comment why you add me! (I will NOT accept beggers or random people).
:bluegem: I am only selling skins for Bitcoins & Ethereum.
:bluegem: I am NOT accepting trades (I'm not doing skins for skins).
:bluegem: -> My Rep thread <-
:bluegem: Thank you for your understanding!
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:bluegem: I only sell skins for Bitcoins & Ethereum.
:bluegem: I do NOT sell skins separately (Only full inventory).
:bluegem: Selling keys for ---$ each (1000keys+).
:bluegem: Selling skins for ---% bulk(s) (1000$+).
:bluegem: I got more items if you are interested (0.5$-unlimited).
:bluegem: -> My Rep thread <-
goshaka1 | May 15 @ 6:47am 
Hi bro I really want skins but I'm very poor could you give me anything my friends hate me and don't like me(
KobZ May 4 @ 4:14pm 
interested buying keys
Snapy Apr 5 @ 5:41am 
Please add me and give me knife, please
Please help me ! I have stolen a knife M9 Soot and AWP Speed beast. Give some skin please, for you it is a little). Be a good soul.
JOKE_BEAN Feb 17 @ 1:22am 
Adding you for questions about CSGOPoints, not begging for anything.
43 | reehz Feb 2 @ 6:13am 
i just have one question bro - i wont beg or smth like that pls accept