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Přidáno: 23. kvě. v 8.20

i was looking for a historical game but got a rework of Warhammer with heroes that rule the battlefield. The historical mode is just a watered down version of the romance version and playing ranked is with heroes only.

Don´t buy if you wanna play strategic battles online since the heroes will determine if you win or lose
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Navy~ 25. kvě. v 0.19 
Tak you completly miss the point , the man says he wants to play online ranked where everyone plays bullshit moba style games
𐌕𐌀ᴋ 24. kvě. v 7.49 
Records still plays a RTS, and its not Dynasty Warriors -.-
Ryuu 24. kvě. v 7.24 
if it only hade Romance mode i would have refunded it. This is a RTS game not a Moba game
𐌕𐌀ᴋ 24. kvě. v 7.13 
you even had diao chan as avatar -.-
𐌕𐌀ᴋ 24. kvě. v 7.13 
A bit weird how someone who have played DW, DW9 would give this game a negative review, romance is literally dynasty warriors total war

have you tried Records yet?
Ryuu 23. kvě. v 14.09 
np, i am here to help and enjoy the game
Mr Fabulous 23. kvě. v 14.05 
Your review makes you want to own the game even more :D thanks.
Ryuu 23. kvě. v 14.04 
@AtraAngelis The modes are called Romance and Records, maybe you should do some research...
-CML- Darthudd 23. kvě. v 13.57 
From the vids I've seen on the run up to release, I was not very enamoured with the general duelling, but hey it's a total war game so i'll probably buy it anyway.
AtraAngelis 23. kvě. v 13.54 
Lame ass review, the game has two modes, historical or heroic... do your research.