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Posted: Nov 6, 2023 @ 3:31pm
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One Night: Burlesque was an interesting but short visual novel with 3 endings. I enjoyed the story and mentally analyzing everything since I knew I was looking for a killer. The first play took me about an hour and a half and that included using telepathy every chance. Play time may vary for individual reading speed of course. When it came time for the big decision I didn't find it hard to determine the killer.

The art style is what drew me to it and that did not disappoint. I loved that each character had a colored accessory that matched to their dialogue boxes. I really would love to see more of this artwork and hope that RedDeer.Games provides them in Point Shop backgrounds when the game reaches the required Steam metrics.


Equally interesting was the different mechanics in the game play. I did not expect as much interaction. In addition to clicking through standard dialogue choices you will use your mouse and sometimes keyboard for various tasks. Such as taking medicine, making drinks, and reading minds.

While the interactivity was interesting, in some cases I found it to be distracting. There's a scene early on where you have a circle sliding back and fourth and you have to press Spacebar at the center point to progress while the scene changes each press. The first playthrough having such a mechanic I was thinking time must matter so it seemed an odd place to put such a mechanic where one would like to read the text and see the visual changes.

The only real complaint I have is no skip, saves or chapter select but there is a Continue.
Going through the second time picking different choices did not really provide much of a difference or change the path of the story until the end choice. As such I don't really feel compelled to play a third time for the other ending. If I could have saved before the choice that would have been a great way to see them all.

For achievement hunters & completionist, you will need a second play due to the choices made. At the end of my first playthrough I was missing 5 and 4 regarded picking opposite choices. Such as getting the killer right and getting it wrong. There is a continue option so probably a save file that would allow for save scumming if you so wished.

Over all this was a lovely short visual novel and I enjoyed that it offered something a little different. Did I mention how beautiful the artwork was? I would recommend One Night: Burlesque to fans of the aesthetics and visual novels. Or, those hunters who gun for easy perfects. When it meets the Steam metric of course.

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Francisca i think you will enjoy it :happydoll:
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