Mr.M   British Columbia, Canada
If you're unexpectedly adding me to your friends list and I don't know who you are please comment on my wall the reason for you to do so. Thank you ^_^

TF2 - Usually play as Medic

AOE3 - India Sepoy Rush is what I usually use
Atualmente offline
Últ. vez online há 40 hrs, 9 mins
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Suxim 6 Out, 2017 às 15:18 
+rep Good and Fast trader :)
Arkan 24 Set, 2017 às 22:00 
Pleasure to play with you. You did a damn fine job keeping us all alive.
Rop Tamen 20 Set, 2017 às 18:02 
+rep to a fine dandy guy, hope can play more MVM next time pal :)
Gold Miner | stn.tf 26 Nov, 2016 às 10:25 
+rep Thank you for using http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stn-trading .

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Chief Chunky 24 Nov, 2016 às 10:14 
+rep Really cool guy XD
Bye 23 Set, 2014 às 17:15 
+rep awesome trader :D