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Unlocked Jul 23 @ 6:59am

My Cure Is Most Effective...

Cure 10 people in a single game.
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 3:23am

Is this your first time?

Let SCP-173 snap your neck.
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 3:23am

Gear Up, Boys!

Respawn as Nine-Tailed Fox.
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 3:23am


Respawn as Chaos Insurgency.
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 3:23am

Is This Thing On?

Broadcast a 'helpful' message via the Intercom.
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 3:23am

Secure. Contain. Protect.

Successfully re-contain SCP-106
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 3:23am

T minus 90 seconds...

Survive a successful Alpha Warhead Detonation.
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 3:23am

... You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

Find any gun as a Class-D.

Involuntary Rage-Quit

Die while entering a rage as SCP-096.


Die inside the pocket dimension.

It's Always Left, Brothers!

Escape as D-Class personnel.


As Class-D, kill a Scientist holding a keycard.

Deep Fried

Die from a Tesla Gate burst.


As a Scientist, successfully upgrade your keycard alongside any amount of Class-D.

For Science!

Escape as a Scientist.

Look! I'm a Rocket!

Kill yourself with a grenade.

Larry Is Your Friend!

Successfully escape from the Pocket Dimension.

Pew Pew!

Kill 5 enemies in less than 30 seconds.


Pick up an O5-Keycard.

The Tables Have Turned

Disarm an MTF

They Are Just Resources...

Kill 50 D-Class's as a Scientist.
0 / 50

That was... Close.

Cancel the Alpha Warhead detonation within the last 15 seconds of the countdown.

If You Want Something Done Right...

Kill an SCP as a Scientist.

Gravity Works Here!

Die from a fall.

Wow, really?

Die within the first minute of the game.

Microwave Meal

Kill an SCP with the Micro HID.