D.R.K.Z #Hörluchs
Lukas Wernert   Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
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Lukas "D.R.K.Z" Wernert

2019 • 4th • Dreamhack WinterNational (Leipzig, Germany)
2018 • 2nd • Dokomi Gaming Festival (Düsseldorf, Germany)
2017 • 2nd • 99Damage League S6
2017 • 2nd • GermanClash League S2
2017 • 2nd • Ducks HomeMasters S3 (Peine, Germany)
2017 • 4th • 99Damage League S5
2017 • 2nd • GermanClash League S1

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Hi i am Owner of Esport Organisation Prime4Team i am looking for Players to my new International Division if you would be interested contact me please! ;)
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Reacts quickly and decisively in an emergency, keeping a cool head and effectively leading others. Silver-tongued, and usually successful when trying to persuade others to move from their original position towards or beyond compromise. Using personality, logic, persistence, D.R.K.Z always manages to get the best deal. They will always willingly and successfully try to do what is required, even if it means performing tasks that are not in the job description or if required to do extra work unexpectedly. Does not shirk duties, and can share the workload with other people in the team to achieve maximum group output – but does not do so consistently. Good at planning and monitoring the work of team-members.

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krewzyaN Jul 6 @ 2:20am 
haha has this guy ever lost @ONLINE? dont think so. hes also jacked af, wears the freshest clothes, hangs out with the prettiest chicks and eats the best food. think twice before talking trash kids
GeDu 悲しい Jun 19 @ 11:10am 
+rep insane game sense and friendly player
SaizeW- cs.money May 26 @ 2:36pm 
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