CJ   Texas, United States
The most jank Nuclear Throne player in the wild wild west :aos2saki:

Online: I'm online
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Vinyl of Super Mario Bros X, Hello of Awesomenauts, King Dedede of Hunger Games. DRAG0NKING and Hatsune Scratch are Universal Usernames.

100% Orange Juice mains: Saki, Tomomo, and Shifu Robot.
Nuclear Throne mains: Chicken, Plant, and Yung Venuz.
Awesomenauts mains: Scoop, Derpl, and Chucho.
Skullgirls: Ms. Fortune and Cerebella.
Project M: Ivysaur and Mario.
Smash 4: King Dedede and Bowser Jr.
Acceleration of Suguri 2: Too early to say but I like Saki and Kae.

OSRS: SakisHusband
Switch Friendcode: 8140-1067-1638
I have Puyo Puyo Tetris, Mario Kart 8D, and Splatoon 2 when regarding multiplayer games.

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the best flip flop :hana1::hana2:
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hello hello
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Death to imperialism!
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robot vore when