Dominic   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
2014 - Now, Regiment History:
15th Regiment of Foot, Rank/s: Horse Guard (3 Months)(Disbanded)
47th Imperial Guard. Ranks/s: Feldwebel (1 Month)(Merged)
Les Gardes Suisses 2e, Rank/s: Vizekorporal (2 Weeks)(Left)
Les Gardes Suisses 3e, Rank/s: Oberst (4 Months)(Left)
Les Gardes Suisses 6e, Rank/s: Leutnant (3 Months)(Merged)
Royal Anglian Brigade 1stMM, Rank/s: Lieutenant (3 Months)(Disbanded)
Imperial Monk Regiment 1stMM, Rank/s: Lieutenant (1 Month)(Merged)
Les Gardes Suisses 5e, Rank/s: Leutnant (1 Year 10 Months)(Merged)
Roy's French Battalion Swiss, Rank/s: Lieutenant (6 Weeks)(Left)
82e Regiment d'infanterie, Rank/s: Cadet (Reserve) - (2 months)(Left)
Les Gardes Suisses 5e, Rank/s: Leutnant - Current
Infantry Regiment Nr.55, Ranks/s Fusilier - (6 Weeks)(Left)
K-KA, Rank/s Grenadier - Current

2018 - Now, Groupfighting Teams:
Lunatic - 2 months
The "Knights" - 1 Month
Subversion - 2 Months
TBE - 5 months
Olympians - 7 months
Cazadores - Current
Jedi Master - Current
MC WICKED - Current

Part of Team England NWWC 2018

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cugi ❖ Feb 20 @ 12:15pm 
domi is the best friend I have ever met in EU community love you DOMInator :steamhappy:
Chadman Feb 20 @ 5:56am 
Nice guy, and Melee expert. Always a pleasure to watch him poke ppl with a 17 incher :)
cugi ❖ Feb 13 @ 12:03pm 
DOMInator actually dominates my ♥♥♥♥♥ every time, oh I am wet again OwO
DOMI Jan 18 @ 5:27am 
Its' not christmas anymore, so I have to force to take down that CHRISTMAS PIG!
The French Monk Jan 1 @ 1:26pm 
Happy New Year Domi! :)