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There isn't a lot to say about Deus Ex that hasn't been said already, it's undoubtedly one of the greatest PC games of all time, and my nomination for the "Test of Time" Award.

I first played Deus Ex last year, from a modern standpoint, I did take issue with the controls. Many of the default keybinds are clearly a relic of an older time. That said, everything is fully remappable, and Deus Ex takes full advantage of a full set of keys.

Mechanically, Deus Ex is an FPS with RPG elements, which lends itself well to building your own toolkit to progress through the levels. The game lends itself best to a stealthy run, it's not the cleverest, with guards suffering from tunnel vision and inexplicably walking past their sleeping friends, but gives you a plenty powerful kit should you decide an offensive run.

Where I found Deus Ex really shines, as I do with most games, is the story, letting you make several key choices throughout, and then reacting accordingly, bending the story to suit your actions. Naturally, the choices will eventually railroad you down the same levels, but your own perception of characters and their motivations will be affected, largely drawing you in to a vast conspiracy theory ladden world, filled with reserved NPC's trying to get by, sinister government agents on both sides of the fence, and secretive overlords. Each of the games three endings feel fleshed out, with the teams you've met along the way arguing why their ending is the superior one.

Musically, the game is a wonder, an electronica soundtrack that perfectly suits the levels and their themes, worth listening to even outside of play.

In short, well worth the price of admission, a masterpeice in every regard, and absolutely standing the "Test of Time".
Posted November 24, 2016.
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