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:medicon:Hello Peoples!:medicon:
Don’t add me without a reason in my comments I am not a noob and know a scam so don’t bother

About me
I am relatively young my exact age is: You'll never know Bb
I love tf2 and I love all my friends. I am a real funny guy and I am nice to people if they are not butts. I main demoman in tf2 and that's the only class I consider my self great at. I'm in a not yet formed highlander team with 3 people so far!

Dream item
My dream item is a Frostbite Raggaelator and an Aussie professional ks pipe launcher/sticky launcher

Check out my friend's stream:

zz160-"Badabing Badaboom"

DJ_Jake12- "Your a Failure!"

KritzBoy- "Can I have your..."

I love Dream Horizon servers and the players there to list a few.(No order)

-Pocket Medic
-Other Folks
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