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This is one of my mains

馬鹿 コーギー - Legendary Eagle
Deagles cause tiny dicks - Legendary Eagle
zambaz - Distinguished Master Guardian
poopy pannnts - Master Guardian 2
ɐᴉqɯɐzɾp - Unranked

note: most of these are shared accounts so chill

*In the 1950s era Saints Row mission*
Me: Oh, I would like to have been born in this era
SpieCreb: Yeah, it was pretty chill though apart from the civil war
>tfw civil war was 110 years before the 1950s

Hye i anm e sqwirul, ad mi as ay frind

fuk biches, geht moni iz mai sayn.

u make me moist 2k14

Unusuals Owned:
Nuts N Bolts Handymans Handle
Orbiting Fire Nanobalaclava
Orbiting Planets Flamboyant Flamenco
Green Energy FR-0 (1 of 1)
Cloud 9 L'Homme Burgler
Aces High Gentleman's Ushanka
Stormy Storm Tsarboosh

Knives Owned:
Flip Knife - Stained (BS)
Bayonet - Boreal Forest (FT)
Bayonet - Safari Mesh (FT)
Gut Knife - Stained (FT) Won a bet! :)

Potheker: Bücher sind schwul und lutschen schwänze
Potheker: Ich Kiffe um meine Trauer zu kompensieren
Potheker: Ich brumme aus meinen Titten
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сын ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥и беагет и лагает ,хотя пинг 40
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✴ I
⚡ ❦ am
🍧🐠 ∞ deeply
🌋🎽🎍📕 ☁ and
📒🚙🐟🚘🌂 ٿ I
🌳🌽👾🎁⛳🌸 ♫ want
💚🐳🏀📒🌏👳🥒 ✲ something
🏓🎈🎫📗⚡🥞🚙💗 ☆ GOOD
👔💃💙🐊📣📘👹💚👃 ❄ for
FLAMMA Dec 6, 2018 @ 3:34am 
💛 ☀ 🐟 She was good at playing abstract confusion in the same way a midget is
🎈 ☀ 💎 good at being short.
🐝 ☀ 💚 -- Clive James, on Marilyn Monroe 🎁🌳🌋