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Posted: Mar 24, 2017 @ 12:06pm
Updated: Mar 11 @ 11:50pm

Early Access Review
A17 does somewhat add to the game graphically, but many of the best features in the game were changed and the game seemed to slip from a somewhat realistic survival game to a very arcadey beat up up adventure game, with survival aspects.
since a17 i have actually played the game the least during any of its alpha stages. please bring back the realism.
its getting annoying how many good survival games are either shutting down to focus on battle royale crap or becoming very arcadey. why cant we just a good survival game stay as a good survival game.
whilest i still recommend the game, i would say approach at caution. lets just hope the remainder of a17 sees some imrpovement and a18 brings back some realism and proper survival aspects.
to any devs reading. why does the food and water have to decrease so damn fast i mean seriously irl we can survive 7 days without anything but water. ring in some real realism aspects.
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