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~Rules on when I'm online/offline~
● Online - Usually free to talk to with anyone :3
● In-game - Hard for me to concentrate on a game and a message, so don't hiss or yell if I don't respond
● Away - Doing something or I crashed and fell asleep, or on YouTube
● Busy - Doing something important or showering, so don't bother talking to me.
● Asleep - Purely obvious, or I'm doing other things
● Offline - I'll try and talk to you after I get on, if the message gets through

Silent removes will result in a BLOCK, tell me if you want to unadd me.

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S     ஜ۩۞۩ஜ     T
T    BUSTIN    S
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The name is William McCarthy, but you can just call me Will/Willy. I'm just your typical steam gamer guy, I enjoy making new friends and playing games with 'em when I have the time! I have a fantastic set of friends that I just adore talking to, I love you all! <3


Name: William McCarthy

Age: 21

Birthday: December 15th, 1997

Gender: Underappreciated Fruit Loop

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Gleeful/Talkative

Occupation in Job: N/A

Favorite games to play: Overwatch, TF2, Borderlands (Any), Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Hobbies: Gaming (obviously :D), Reading, Writing, Drawing (sometimes), & talking to people I adore

~Dead Inside~
Nobody needs me around them...

~💞Best Friends Ever💞~
Cn4ini : He is by far one of the best people I know, he's been there for me countless times and I just have to thank him for every thing. When I was depressed he helped the best he could, when I needed to laugh he was there to do something stupid lol. I love him, he's like the brother I've always wanted and I'm thankful I met him <3

Nova : She is by far the bestest person to be around in my opinion, love talking to her about any kind of subject. Love ya you cream pie~

~💚Close Friends💚~
: Dennis
♦Hoi Im Kitty♦
Master Keef (Ignitus)


● No adding me for trade requests, ERP's, or to fuck with me, I will not accept at all.
● If you want to add me you need to comment below or be friends with someone I know.
● If you are a nice person I will gladly and lovingly add you, I love to converse with nice people.
● Do NOT be rude to others around here, this is a peaceful environment and deserves to be such.
● If you do not talk to me for at least 2-4 months I will get rid of you, it's just a waste of space.
● Stay awesome! That is the best and most positive way to think about yourself.
● Do NOT add me for ERP, I don't do them anymore. All ERP adds will be declined.
● Don't get mad if I don't respond to you while in-game, I will be busy in it and won't have time.

All in all it's wonderful to meet all of you, and I am lucky to be your friend! Thanks for visiting my profile!

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FlaalF JaaJ Mar 11 @ 2:40pm 
As long as the Aonian Banana produces radioactive popcorn, we are safe
Grimm Mar 9 @ 7:54am 
i dream about cheese
Anna♥ Mar 9 @ 7:48am 
FlaalF JaaJ Mar 8 @ 4:05pm 
Coconuts were invented in 1301 by a man named Jameson Boottickler from Yondensville, Montgomery
FlaalF JaaJ Mar 8 @ 4:02pm 
Cash Banooca 2: Gringotts Steakhouse
Grimm Feb 13 @ 4:01pm 
so why did you post him?