Comrade DEXeraser
Username: DEXeraser
Nickname: call me DEX / dex
Country: Denmark
Favorite game: Team Fortress 2
Favorite class in TF2: Scout and Medic
Motto: Play Safe - Play Fair - Play to Win
Loves: Food, joking around, art & design, games, stuff
Dislikes: Rude people or being unable to help the troubles of others
Add / Contact: You are always welcome to add me on steam

Bedtime story by FrigidGoat & thiccboi
FrigidGoat: Hello kiddos, do you want free candy? Come to my van and I will take you to a wonderful place with candies and pleassures. Trust me kids

thiccboi: Sup Frigid

FrigidGoat: Sup thiccboi, wanna buy some drugs?

I have 80kg for 10€. Tell me if you need any

thiccboi: Sure, I need sex ones... you know what they say: "It's not rape if she doesn't remember it"

FrigidGoat: Ok, just remember that kids do not fight that hard, you can control them by force pretty easily

thiccboi: Kids have parents so I need something to take them down, I am ok with the kid It's not my first time doing this

FrigidGoat: Parents are human, a shot to the legs and stab them in the neck. Now their child is yours and you can keep him/her in your basement along with that cashier you met

thiccboi: Ugghhh.. cashier.. well she joined natural cycle, you know fertilizig grass with her body. I am pretty sure we talked about her and what happend to her, but yeah the kid is him and it's David, I am pretty sure I sent pictures few days ago

FrigidGoat: Sad, I was beginning to like her after what happened on Friday. We'll have to find a replacement. How old is the new one?

thiccboi: David is 7 and replacment is 19. I am still having troubles using steam, It's really confusing like why does it say comments on the top when we are in a private chat?

FrigidGoat: I don't know, Valve is very confussing. Remember Team Fortress 2? That was fucking weird. I barely knew how to move

At least you picked a young one, those are the best. Their screams young screams are just music to my ears

thiccboi: Yeah. Confusing shit aside I agree the young ones are the best. Also did you make sure that nobody saw you, when you came over few nights ago... It was wild

FrigidGoat: Of course I did, I'm not a fresh meat. There was a guy who saw me, but he is floating down a river with his neck broken

thiccboi: Yeah I am glad you did that, but something is bothering me... Something isn't right here, It's wierd that it says comments and other stuff

FrigidGoat: Yeah, is weird, but this American crap is always weird. Remember the Soviet Union? The USA hated them even tho they were obviously better, so don't trust this capitalist pigs

thiccboi: Yeah, my 62 year old eyes are having trouble keeping up wtih this technology and colors on the screen. But that's just me

FrigidGoat: Yes, this modern machines are weird. I remember the old stuff. The first time I got aboard a T-34 during the war it felt like a well designed piece of the USSR, but this phones are just a money-grabbing piece of Millennial garbage

Oh, wait


I just used those shitty Steam forums, and they say this is a public comment section

I'll be offline for a few days, can't get arrested again or I'll be in serious problems

thiccboi: Jeff... I think these are comments for real.. FUCK HOW DO WE DELETE THEM

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Team Fortress 2 - Medics happy wall
Team mates

«✪ ραт ✪» : nice one medic
«✪ ραт ✪» : thank you for the heals

(TEAM) PortugalBeLike : Great job, med

Miki Legends : best medic ever
(TEAM) Tuff Tuna : medic good jop man

(TEAM) JungleTiger : good job medic

ThatGuyMatt : thanks medic

(TEAM) Die Leere Soldat : btw medic
(TEAM) Die Leere Soldat : you did a good job
*DEAD*(TEAM) Die Leere Soldat : spikey too
*DEAD* Die Leere Soldat : and everyone!

Big Smoke : medic ya were amazin

Tricycle Races : medic won that one
[JAGOFRT] DEXeraser : :D
восьмибитный : medic just god

ekuurila : good job medic

mal : gg dex ur good
mal : good doctor

(TEAM) Marlyn Manson's Ribs : gg dex

(TEAM) stabby : great work Dex

(TEAM) ╦ : thanks for awesome heals DEX

DEXeraser : I hope you are satisfied with your care (*----*)
(TEAM) PlayerOne : we are dex
(TEAM) PlayerOne : youre awesome

Zero Two [DARLING in the FRANXX]: yeah, you're the best medic :D

*DEAD*(TEAM) Indian Chuck Norris : you did good med

Krisztián1337 : honor this medic
Krisztián1337 : right now
Yui : Yes
Yui : He's da bezt

PASZ 09 : this medic carried the game

Jalmari27 : our medic was awesome

(TEAM) Blxck_Joka|CASHED OUT : medics saved our ass!


(TEAM) .Guzzba : this medic its a legend

PartOfSheol : gj doc u are best

Hassels : This is a nice medic

(TEAM) Zineth57 : gj med

(TEAM) Faxter : nice medic

(TEAM) EnotBand : Nice overheal med
(TEAM) EnotBand : Thank's
Comrade DEXeraser : GJ spy
(TEAM) EnotBand : Thank's med

(TEAM) kongstone : thank you comrade
(TEAM) kongstone : for being here

omar23 | : thank u doktor

*DEAD*(TEAM) jæja : Best medic ever!!!!
Moerman : nice

Kurylo : ❤❤ thanks medic i preciate it ❤❤

*DEAD*(TEAM) thysponge55 : ty med

(TEAM) HanTongo : Fucking wp doctor
(TEAM) HanTongo : *thumbsup*

*DEAD* = Abi = : Youre a great medic Dexeraser

*DEAD*(TEAM) Thrasophius : good job with the healing dex
Nagibalo1337 : medic good job

Bonkk : 20/20 med :)
*DEAD* Bonkk : I LOVE U MED <3

Stanley : nice medic

Unusual players and Medic's with cosmetics
(TEAM) PHD in anime : now u gonna pocket me (Some unusal scrub.)
(TEAM) PHD in anime : yes?
(Voice) PHD in anime: MEDIC!
(TEAM) Comrade DEXeraser : but that other medic?
(TEAM) PHD in anime : he doesnt have hats (Well thats a good point.)
(Voice) PHD in anime: MEDIC!
*DEAD*(TEAM) PHD in anime : look what u done (He dead yo!)
*DEAD*(TEAM) PHD in anime : i told you pocket (And so I did. Felt bad for the team tho.)

[Scout] *DEAD* RzeznikPL : dammit immortal medics

*DEAD* ♥Котэ♥ : CRIT

Bebo #TF2Center : random crits are cancer
*DEAD* ♥Котэ♥ : FUCKING medic
^---Salty spy that I killed 2 times with Uber 'CRIT MASTER' Saw

*DEAD* Child Rapist : fuck you medic main
Child Rapist : medic is like the eaziest class ever

*DEAD* Axio : i have sacrificed myself for the well being of our medicine man

3 kinds of people
[Lazy] Seekjaer : try to play medic, we need more medics
[Rude] œufs bénédictes : medic is also fairly easy on a pub
[Friendly] LilLilly : When I die i'll switch

Why I don't play Spy or Engi
Yo1013 : report spy on his account NOT IN THESE GAME
Yo1013 : report comrade on his account
Yo1013 : not in these game ON HIS ACCOUT
Yo1013 : report comrade on his account many times ALL thx

coolboy123 : comrade dex is aimbotting
coolboy123 : gg retard
Explodingfish : its casual
Bo Viking : he uses autoaim on his sentry
Rupert Monroe : he is not
*DEAD* Explodingfish : calm down
*DEAD* Rupert Monroe : homo
*DEAD* Rupert Monroe : sentry op
*DEAD* coolboy123 : lesbian trans
*DEAD* Rupert Monroe : notcoolboy123
Bo Viking : got
Bo Viking : em
Level 2 workbench : stfu blackboy
*DEAD* coolboy123 : rage quit
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Cool cat.:steamhappy:
Abi Aug 1 @ 10:23pm 
+rep A Great Medic, And Best set! Orange is my Favorite Color after all xD
MisterJae RDM Squatta™© Apr 19 @ 6:08am 
i'm gonna sell it :) and i did
:loh_Heart: Happy new year! :loh_Heart:
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:heartris::steamsalty::snowman1:Merry Christmas!:snowman1::steamsalty::heartris:
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Merry christmas and a happy new year fam :)