❤ Greeky
Put A NickName On Me   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Maybe I'm foolish, Maybe I'm blind, Thinking I can see through this
And see what's behind, Got no way to prove it, So maybe I'm blind

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About Me
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Status: Taken
Likes: singing, funny people, joyful people, honesty, respect, memes, medic gf
Dislikes: toxic people, idiots, mic spammers, spiders/bugs, hackers.

Random Quotes

❂Waffles #Greekisahackermagnet: But less homo
❂Waffles #Greekisahackermagnet: im glad he is talking hrere
❂Waffles #Greekisahackermagnet :so we can lose sanity together
pannie: your gonna get yoinked
♥Boop♥: can i be your brown eyed girl
♥Boop♥: How has this kid not been punched yet??

10:47 - i like gorralliz: i'm about to flip 7 tables
10:47 - i like gorralliz: and hang myself
I Fought So Hard Now Can We Understand, I'll Break The Seal Of This Curse If I Possibly Can.

"You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I’m an easy target. Yeah, you’re right, I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you… but I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. Well, you think what you want about me; I’m not changing. I like… I like me. ‘Cause I’m the real article. What you see is what you get" - John candy

"You picked me up, breath new life in me
I owe my life to you
But for the life of me I don't see why you don't see like I do."

'See I Pity In Watching You Suffer, I Know The Feeling Of Being Damned Alone, I Got A Storybook Of My Own'

"What inside my mind was ahead of its own time, you did steal from me, you stole me from mankind”
Dig L3fty - Rest In Peace, I loved You like a brother u will be missed (died of cancer)
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A Sharp Man has a Sharp Plan And Even Sharper Knife

The taunt works by left or right clicking in order to alternative between the two loops. The sniper checks his knife after a certain number of loops play, the number we'll leave up to Valve.

3,833 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Codenator, ❤ Greeky, Cheesypuff, FiveEyes, OverPovered, and Rytu t.tv/rytugamer
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Hey Guys Its Me DAGREEKHUNTER Here Just Wanna Say If You Would Like To Add Me Please Leave A Reason So I Know What The Person Wants When I Add Him/Her

Competitive Highlander:
- Season 20 hl ( 9brains )
- Season 21 hl ( haste carries best team au )
- Season 22 hl ( Yoga Pants Steel #1st Place- soldier )
- Season 23 hl ( haste carries best team au v2 )
- Season 24 hl ( SixBo )
- Season 25 hl ( SixBo )
- Season 26 hl ( SixBo Plat 2nd Place )
- Season 27 hl ( Toes Before Hoes tba )
- Season 1 Respawn hl - Crippled Airlines Plat 4th
- Season 2 Respawn hl - Crippled Airlines Plat Tba

Competitive 6's:
- Season 19 6's - Lipton Tea - Open 5th ( Owner)
- Season 21 6’s Plan Z - ( 3rd Place Open )
- Season 22 6’s Plan Z - ( Intermediate 6th Place )
- Season 22 6’s Plan Z - (Inter)
- Revival Cup 6’s Plan Z - ( 2nd place Intermediate )
- Season 1 No Restriction 6s - Crippled Airlines tbh

- Season 1 Prolander Au Div 2 - ( 1st place #Undefeated Great Game! )
- Season 2 Prolander Au Div 2 - ( 1st place #Undefeated Is This Highlander? )

Competitive 4's:
- Season 13 - 4's Doki Doki
- Season 14 - 4's Plan Jimbo

Competitive Stuff:
- Season 5 - Yeh The Boys (Ready Steady Pan)
- Season 6 - Yeet The Baby (Ready Steady Pan)

- UltiDuo Steel 1st Place - Cosmic Clan ( inStinct Medic )
- All Stars Steel Team Winner -Soldier (Season 20 Highlander)

Overwatch Competitive
- Season 1 Leviathan Aus D.va Off Tank

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last played on Jun 24
3.7 hrs on record
last played on Jun 24
暗い影 Jun 5 @ 10:09pm 
Hey Greek. Hope you're doing well. ♡
Izzy Jun 4 @ 8:58am 
Stop crying like you're home and think about the show
We're all playing the same game, laying down alone
We're unknown and wrong, special when I come
Hate will make you cautious, love will make you glow
Make me feel the warm, make me feel the cold
It's written in our story, it's written on the walls
This is our call, we rise and we fall
Dancin' in the moonlight, don't we have it all?
Crusading Cyka May 30 @ 11:13pm 
+rep amazing trade
bluee May 29 @ 6:07am 
+rep owns the local souvlaki joint and gives me free souvs <3
Moose May 26 @ 4:38am 
Happy birthday greek
weeb alert weeb alert May 26 @ 2:44am 
Ayyy Happy Birthday!