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A Noxian, a Targonian, and a Pilty try to rob a bank
The bank guy says "I'll give you whatever you want!"
The Noxian says "Give me whatever gold you got back there!"
The Targonian says "Give me all your gemstones!"
And the Pilty says "Can I own thi-I OWN THIS BANK"
So he doesn't want anything...because he owns the bank

Wear a mask

L'appel du vide

I just locked an open door, pointless....yet somehow poetic.

"A great love is like a lot like a good memory, when its there and you know its there but its just out of your reach it can be all that you think about you can focus on it and try to force it but the more you do the more you seem to push it away but if your patient and you hold still well maybe...Just maybe it'll come to you"

"I was calm on the outside, but thinking all the time"

"you see insanity is like gravity ... all it needs is a push."

"Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?"

"I am everyone's friend," I said. "Except to my enemies."
"And who are your enemies?" said the Minister, while the gazetta vecks went scribble scribble scribble. "Tell us that, my boy."
"All those who do me wrong," I said, "are my enemies."

"What would be worse...Living as a monster, or dying as a good man?"

"My mother had a saying, she wasn't around a lot when I was a kid. And when she was, she could only stay a short time. Seems like she always had somewhere to be, something important to do. And when she left, she...wouldn't say goodbye to me. Instead she always told me, "Never say goodbye." If you don't say 'goodbye', then you aren't really gone. You...just aren't here right now."

I really like Poppy
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