Due to the superfluous amount of scams going around, I won't accept most random invites unless I know you from somewhere or if you don't look like a scammer.
My Genuine items are NOT for sale
Keep in mind I'm a bit of a busy person so I'm not online all the time, nor do I really message anyone often.
If you were removed then it was because we didn't interact, you can add me back but just talk or do things with me. Don't take it personally either, I do cleanups every once in a while.
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Sh1tty chicken gang bang
:esc_warning:Before adding me to trade or sending me a trade offer my genuine, halloween spelled, and vintage items are not for sale. :esc_warning:
Do not spam me with trade requests after I decline or you will be blocked
I also use and Origin, please ask for these if you want to play Overwatch or Titanfall 2 with me.
Ask me for my Switch friend code.
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Vibz Nov 4 @ 8:10pm 
hey im interested in your Bruiser's Bandanna
Navia <3 | MtF Oct 10 @ 10:52pm 
thank ya! you have a cute pic too!
Arctic Flesh Sep 19 @ 9:27pm 
actually, if yes to 18, id need to wait a bit cause I have to save a bit of money
Arctic Flesh Sep 19 @ 12:20pm 
I can't do 36 keys, but I can like 18 max
Arctic Flesh Sep 18 @ 9:59pm 
Is your circling heart fire fighter for sale? I'm not a bot or a scammer to get that out of the way. Msg me back on my profile or add me if so. If not, thats alright
Noire Aug 25 @ 1:13pm