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Sep 12 @ 2:51pm
In topic Level 250 or Lv300 (Next Update)
I'm pretty sure this is it and this game isnt getting anymore updates.
Sep 4 @ 7:14pm
In topic Should I get DOI?
Just got it for $4 during the fanatical sale. I'm pretty torn on the game from what I 've played so far. My biggest problem with the game is the performance. The optimization is just really depressing.
Sep 4 @ 3:13pm
In topic Needs x2x3x4 speed option
You can use cheat engines built in speed hack option to speed the game up mostly. Quite easy to setup a toggle for it too.
Aug 20 @ 8:49pm
In topic Bug Reports
Game runs at super fast speed in fullscreen with 144hz refresh rates. Seems to be no way to get fullscreen with vsync to work properly either.
Aug 12 @ 3:31pm
In topic This looks horrible for $30....
its a very budget l4d clone. It still needs a lot of work honestly.
Theres people who cant run celceta without any issues as well so having xseed redo the game doesnt guarantee everybody will be able to play it.
Jul 26 @ 9:36pm
In topic Bug Fixes and Requested Features
This is how the audio is supposed to sound on the vita.

This is how it sounds on pc.

You can barely hear the ambient cave noise on the vita version but it is super loud on pc. You also cannot hear the death explosion noise enemies make when they die on pc along with a bunch of other things just entirely out of balance.
Jul 26 @ 2:53pm
In topic Bug Fixes and Requested Features
I sent xseed support comparison videos about the sound. The pc version is really screwed up compared to the vita.
Jul 25 @ 11:25pm
In topic Bug Fixes and Requested Features
Originally posted by Vari:
Maybe sound levels are bad? FX sounds are too down, but menu sounds and other are loud.

Yup, the sounds are mixed wrong entirely. I already sent xseed some comparison with the original vita release.
Jul 25 @ 6:39pm
In topic Bug Fixes and Requested Features
I cant change any button configs in the launcher with an xbox one controller.

SE mixing is also all screwed up. Combat sounds are way too quiet but other menu noises are too loud at the same settings.
Jul 25 @ 6:26pm
In topic Download size on Fanatical
Originally posted by Khrainos 💕:
From which publisher is Nioh?
KT. The SAO games are also absurdly bloated on pc as well vs ps4. Hollow fragment on the ps4 is 9 gigs but its 20+ in pc.
Ys8 worked perfectly back when I played it in May. Also I wouldnt be surprised if falcom goes full nisa with all future games now.
Jul 25 @ 3:53pm
In topic Download size on Fanatical
I doubt the textures are increased, pc games are usually more bloated in size. Nioh was 80 gigs on pc when it was around 40-50 on ps4 and the assets were the same.
Jul 24 @ 4:31pm
In topic no store page.
It was in one of the threads in the fatal bullet forums asking where the game was when it was originally delayed. an official bamco community person said they had no plans to release it normally in the future.
Jul 24 @ 3:06pm
In topic no store page.
bamco actually came out and personally said they had no plans to release the game publicly. they are pretty adamant about wanting to keep it as a preorder exclusive.
Jul 23 @ 11:42pm
In topic Active players?
Oh yeah you need people for the pvp modes. You can only go in solo for the pve modes.
Jul 23 @ 10:54pm
In topic Active players?
You can play them by yourself and any empty player slots will be replaced with bots. You just have to make a lobby, select the mission then ready up. If you want to play with people though your best bet is to try to find join some discord or community and add some friends.

The online isn't very good though so there's not much reason to stick around with it unless you have nothing else to do in the game. The netcode really destroys a lot of fun and a lot of the 150+ missions are just massive health sinks where fights can go on for 20+ mins unless you are running a high damage build.
Jul 23 @ 9:41am
In topic When people say this is like "Tales..."
Originally posted by Tiasmoon:
Logy was just something special they added to change things up. And he still had Escha as partner lead who is a cute girl.

Shining Resonance doesnt have that many character interactions in comparison, as its not a core part of the game (unlike the Atelier series). In contrast the romance aspect is something that's not in Atelier games.

''synthesizing smart'' Considering the huge amount of materials dropped by enemies, to say you can avoid the combat entirely just isnt true. In many of the games the mandatory boss fights are atleast difficult enough that you will need to have done some combat beforehand.
And thats especially true for many character side-event related bossfights.

Atelier games are not combat focused. Their core gameplay mechanic is crafting. Thats well different from ''you can avoid combat entirely''.

There's Klein, Felt, Vayne and Raze who are all male leads.

Enemies don't actually drop a lot of required materials for main objectives. And chances are you can find monster materials in a shop or a chest that will get you what you need to progress the story. Also there's minimal combat runs for nearly every Atelier game. If you know how to synthesize smart you can kill most main story bosses/sub events with ease. Of course these are the extreme runs of the game but the games allow the play style if you are willing to put in the planning and time.
Jul 23 @ 9:12am
In topic When people say this is like "Tales..."
Originally posted by Tiasmoon:
Originally posted by Cute Little Girl💕:
Also throw in the time limit to optimize your efficiency.

A time limitation is not an integral part of an Atelier game. You also left out 2 important aspects of an Atelier game: Main character is a cute girl, and lots of funny interactions between characters. In addition, when comparing, Atelier games also have little in the way of a main story, unlike this game which revolves around its main story.

ps: none of the 5 Atelier games I've played allowed you to skip combat entirely.
Many materials are dropped by monsters after all, and most games do require you to kill some boss a few times in the game.

Well, if nothing else a discussion like this just shows most people dont know how to compare things, as they also dont seem to understand the core parts of a game or series.

This game has very little in common with an Atelier game. Tales,(if comparing to Tales of Berseria) has more similarities. Even then, its just the combat.

Not every lead in an Atelier game is female. Shining also has lots of funny interactions with their characters, Atelier just has a lot more events in this department. Kirika's dislike of carrots could easily fall into an Atelier like event. But cute character events are just a super common theme in anime jrpgs.

As for the combat, the only required fight for a lot of the games are boss fights. You can go through most of them and get the main objectives cleared just by gathering and synthesizing smart. You are not required to grind xp or go out and hunt things, its all entirely optional and you can reach the ending no matter which path you choose. Just make sure to bring a big bomb when you get to the end though ;)
Jul 23 @ 1:55am
In topic So who is the girl with the music box?
It's left open to be any of the girls. It's mostly just a fanservice event for waifu appreciation.
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