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While Lego Harry Pooter Years 1-4 manages to capture the atmosphere of Harry Potter marvellously, it is mildly on the weak side regarding its inherent Lego game mechanics. Flying in brooms is mechanically abysmal, using spells feels awkward and lots of the map design is, maybe intentionally, yet still infuriatingly, quite convoluted.

Apart from these downsides it is a bonafide Lego game though which is a lot of fun nonetheless. I personally would have wished a little more adherence to the books though, as many scenes and plot arcs which would have made great situations ingame were either entirely left out or just very shortly used.

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I need to get this off my chest because I am very frustrated. I have trouble making friends. I love anime, so I try to connect with people over anime, but as soon as I say things like "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood/Tokyo Ghoul is overrated" or that "Aang could take on testicle head Saitama in a fight", all of which are true things, I am shunned. Why can't the people of the way of the weeb accept that some people have different opinions. The harry potter fanbase will not shun you for saying that Harry was a dweeb who should've gotten with Heroine or Herminia or Hemorrhage or whatever her name is. It is my own people, my OWN PEOPLE, my brothers and sisters in the weeb arts who shun me for having different opinions.
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