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Ancestors Legacy

From the controversial developers Destructive Creations, with their headline making angst-ridden murder-sim Hatred and ISIS slaughtering turret-gunner IS Defense comes a surprisingly ambitious foray into a whole new genre for these worshipers at the altar of Ultra-Violence.

Overall I'm especially impressed with the progress Destructive Creations have made here and the direction they have taken in general with their work. The subject matter is much more focused and their message much more communicable than in previous titles, yet without losing that gritty and unapologetic edge that they are so widely known for by now. If there's anyone that can bring style and brutality back to the long lost art of loving ones heritage and people, it's Destructive Creations.


Hanging up the more traditional historical strategy focus of heavy min-maxing, diplomacy and resource management in favor of an intense and refined focus on your units and their combat Ancestors Legacy highlights the real backbone of ancient warfare; the men who fight and give their lives for their land and their ways. That isn't to say the resource management isn't there, but in Ancestor's Legacy the more tedious aspects of maintaining your kingdom are streamlined and more or less automated to better let the player focus on the brutality of war.

Ancestors Legacy sports a seriously meaty campaign with a choice of 4 Nationalities with intertwining true-to-life histories and stories of valor, pride, and bloody domination. Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs all take to the battlefields in increasingly bloody and gore-y conflicts, telling compelling and historical tales of conquest and triumph, heroism and pride, barbarism and cruelty.

The wild and well-defined terrain that surrounds your troops in each battlefield plays a huge factor in the outcome of your skirmishes. Taking into consideration the lay of the land and the various obstacles that complicate the field, many different tactical formations are available to cut-off and flank your enemies at the pass or make strategic retreats when necessary. Survival is very dependent on knowing when to acknowledge that you are outmatched and outnumbered and take defensive actions, rather than pushing forward to send even more of your good men to a pointless death in vain.

Battles of course are at their most brutal and drawn out when it is human mind pitted against human mind and after a successful multiplayer beta showcasing and focusing on the bloody tactical competitive online action, you can probably guess that the online skirmishes are even more refined and action packed than before here.


Though the topic of European ancestry and historically accurate Middle Ages warfare may not seem like the logical progression of Ultra-Violent thematic imagery for these guys, I can assure you every bloody and horrifically gruesome detail is present in the all-encompassing banquet of death on display. The sheer magnitude of battles here and the fluidity with which every individual unit moves and attacks in the scope of it all is astonishing and damn near breathtaking. Between the jaw-dropping cinemas rife with combat and vivid gore and the sprawling scenes of savagery, it's easy to get yourself lost in the grandiose of blood and violence.

And the music... Mmmm! The music! This soundtrack is a god damned masterpiece, pardon my french. An ancestral assemblage of powerful traditional chanting and vocals, booming percussion, and period-appropriate instrumentation and melodies of epic proportions that all draw from the roots and history of the Nationalities represented. Giving me Norse folk-band Wardruna[]s vibes of ancestral pride and a celebration of heritage, there is a sincerely authentic and primitive quality present here.

Final Thought

Destructive Creations have absolutely outdone themselves this time, and it's impressive how quickly they've progressed in the ambition and scope of their projects while still pushing an unapologetic-ally brutal and deviously prideful message. These guys are clearly going places, and fast.

I couldn't recommend Ancestors Legacy any harder for history buffs, war buffs, fans of intense cinematic stories, and of course RTS enthusiasts. I would even go as far as to say this is perfect for RTS skeptics, as I'm someone who rarely plays the genre outside of groundbreaking and accessible classics like Age of Empires II or Company of Heroes and this is one of the rare exceptions that sucked me right in just like those universal legends did.

This review made possible through the generosity, consideration and contribution of Review Experts(REXnetwork) and the developer/publisher.

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地獄の一丁目か? そいつぁー俺にお似合いだぜ!
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As for games I like playing and sharing anything original, different, trippy, colorful, crazy chaotic, or weird. I also grew up in the arcades with a fistful of quarters and have a knack for classic and retro shoot 'em ups, beat 'em ups, and fighting games.

Warning: I play and share weird, trippy, sometimes surreal, usually pretty out-there games and am okay with that. If you can't indulge me or at least ignore me, then drop me :P My hope though, is that you're as open-minded and strange as I am and enjoy what I post and review! :D

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