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Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comforted

A Word of Advice

Don't go into this one expecting any deep kind of gamification, if you're the type of gamer who cares only for objectives and challenges then turn away now; OK/NORMAL is 100% about the incredible atmosphere and 100% about the chilling experience.

If Twin Peaks, David Lynch, Tetsuo, Shinya Tsukamoto and other gruesomely depressing and macabre foreign arthouse directors are of interest to you as well as a love for lo-fi 90's experimental polygonal computer art, then this whole project is already going to be right up your alley. If you're the kind of prude who considers those sort of things "weird" or "creepy" then turn away now because chances are this isn't going to fit inside your small box of what gaming and what art could/should be.


A hazed and psychedelic 90's polygonal gaming-induced nightmare brought to life from the ashes of the insomnia-driven summer days of childhood, sleepless nights of obscure gaming into odd hours leading to neon-fuzzed dreams of surreal qualities.

Imagine being trapped in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks, an endless loop of distortion and chaos and history repeating in dark and macabre ways. This is absolutely an art game, and it's the kind of interactive experience I live for.

OK/NORMAL is like some sort of long-lost Goichi Suda/Suda51 project from his experimental days, from some forgotten and unspoken period of his youth. That is to say; OK/NORMAL feels like something I would make, something that you would make, something that would come as a result of careful dream diary record keeping and a determined transcribing of the weirdness that takes place in the darker side of the mind.

This one is ultra trippy, I'm loving the hell out of it and it's so incredibly hard to explain that you really just need to experience it for yourself. It's also only 3 bucks, so you'd be hard pressed not to take a trip into OK/NORMAL's incredibly strange and nostalgic retro nightmare world.

Skip this if you like to funnel gaming into such a narrow view as needing to have goals and objectives or even mechanics to be interesting. Pick it up if you like a good atmosphere, if you like something that causes you to think yet with very few words and very much with its own open-ended interpretations and conclusions. Pick this up if you love art.

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地獄の一丁目か? そいつぁー俺にお似合いだぜ!
Exterminate All Rational Thought.


Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see,one chance out between two worlds, fire walk with me.

Attention: We travel between Japan and San Francisco a lot for translation work and family. If gone for long periods of time, that's why!

Art devour-er and self-proclaimed weirdo.
Devout worshipper at the holy altar of music and cinema, especially the dark, obscure, and strange. Listens to everything from Norweigan Black Metal, Swedish Death Metal to Japanese Experimental, to Bay Area crust punk, to Kosmiche Krautrock and everything inbetween.

As for games I like playing and sharing anything original, different, trippy, colorful, crazy chaotic, or weird. I also grew up in the arcades with a fistful of quarters and have a knack for classic and retro shoot 'em ups, beat 'em ups, and fighting games.

Warning: I play and share weird, trippy, sometimes surreal, usually pretty out-there games and am okay with that. If you can't indulge me or at least ignore me, then drop me :P My hope though, is that you're as open-minded and strange as I am and enjoy what I post and review! :D

Shohei Imamura
Yukio Mishima
Jack London
Shinya Tsukamoto
Yamataka eYe
Bill Waterson
Akaji Maro
Philip K. Dick
Kenji Miyazawa
David Lynch
Bernie Worrel
Tatsuya Yoshida
John Zorn
Hideshi Hino
Hunter S. Thompson
Suehiro Maruo
William S. Burroughs

Keep games weird. Keep making weird games!
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