Lisa   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Dreams, ambition, love, hope.
In this world, could the glories of a youthful heart be forbidden?

You're going to be all right.
You just stumbled over a stone in the road.
It means nothing.
Your goal lies far beyond this. Doesn't it?
I'm sure you'll overcome this.
You'll walk again... soon.
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A Foggy Night
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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005)
Windmills - Get Up
Where to go from here? It's clear I'm on my own
Yet, I still feel off the chain like stolen bicycles
It was drilled in my head that I'm a selfish fuck
That I get on my own nerves when I talk too much
Told that I live my life, disconnected and empty
With a smile that's insane as if I'm over friendly
So do what you will, I'm still here, and I won't leave
But look at how mean you can be, that it so sweet!
Run for the hills, I'm as ill as your whole team

Drove off a cliff and I landed on both feet
Will I admit that I'm done with the old me?
The dirtier it gets, the more I'm feeling I'm so clean
That I don't need molly to be rolling with these changes;

I'm at the library in a quiet meditation
Damn! People look pissed off and too abrasive
With lots of personality and no conversation
An epic name is who inspired me to thinking
I've hit the home run, I'm just rounding all the bases

I'm sky diving into your world
Designed of high flying, up from the earth
Will not be defeated, hell is for freezing
Scream till it's peaceful as walking on beaches!
Laugh at how dark it can get in this place
As if you're eating the soul of demon for strength

I was made to be grateful, tested in faith;
Of how it can rain, when they've spit in your face
Being Framework is pizza, ice cream, and cake;
So what's next on the menu? I'm scraping the plate
If it's talking to jesus behind heavens gates
Then I'm not gonna leave here without saying, thanks!
I'm rocking like Raida on the crossfader
His loss to the scene was a major heartbreaker

This is me when I'm talking to myself, get UP!
Humiliated, degraded, so what? Get up!
Ashamed that you've been played and betrayed. Get UP!
Get up, get UP! Get up, get UP! Get UP! Get UP!
You're not the first to learn how hard it is to fall;
Died so many times, yet I'm living through it all, get up!
Until you're stronger than you've ever been before, get up!
Get up, get UP! Get up, get UP! Get UP! Get UP!

To trigger every bit of you to get into the rhythm
Is an easy job as if I was a southern Cali weatherman
Ice grilling me is fine, because you're out of hand
For thinking you can school me on some Mary Had a Little Lamb
I'm still polite as fuck and love my son regardless
Dealing with bullshit like another day at the office
Thirty-three, can you believe I've only gotten started
To feel it like an acid trip while running through the forest?

So much food for thought and yet I'm still a starving artist
Raw as bands learning how to play songs in their garages
Coming at full speed in two thousand fourteen
And live for these moments to hold like a trophy
Cause heads have really gotten fat, fatter than some laces
While the little kid inside of them is hiding under blankets
And of course, they truly want it, they can get it then
But I refuse to believe that I'm a wicked man

Cold as stories told made by Al Capone
Cold as icicles froze to broken homes
Flows that break your nose like a wishing bone
Carefully composed with the microphone
I must have made the most of how to take it slow
Cause, now I'm back to living fast, fast as I can go
Yet, it chills me to bone, knowing how I'm not alone
And that you can have a dark soul with heart of gold
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Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.
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A short guide including the two rules of Dueling, and duel server common practices.
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It´s a nice Game.
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You alright?
Nils Oct 29, 2018 @ 2:26pm 
Here's the thing. you said a "elf is a jew."
Is it in the same family? Yes. No one's arguing that.
As someone who is a loremaster who studies elves, I am saying, specifically, in lore, no one calls elves Jews. If you wanted to be "specific" like you said, then you shouldn't either. They're not the same thing.
If you were saying "elvish family" you would be referring to the taxonomic grouping of divinely created humanoids created in the image of Tir-Cendelius, which includes things from that elven magister in the Driftwood inn to Sebille to Saheila...
Nils Oct 29, 2018 @ 2:26pm 
... So your reasoning for calling an Elf a Jew is because random people "call the Eternal ones Jews?" Let's get Humans and Dwarves in there then too.
Also, calling someone a human or an elf? It's not one or the other, that's not how taxonomy works. They're both. A human is a human and a member of the Eternal family. But that's not what you said. you said an Elf is a Jew, which is not true unless you're okay with calling all members of the Eternal family Elves, which means you would call Imps, Humans, and other races Jews too. Which you said you didn't.
Midnight Oct 19, 2018 @ 8:42pm 
I am too frightened, I begin too run out the front door and down the street, I don't stop I just keep going street, a voice calls out to me with promise of comfort, I follow, it is our neighbor, he explains that my father is a dangerous man and he must be stopped, I cry into his shoulder, grateful for his help yet grief for my mother. I hear banging on the door, my neighbor instructing me to stand behind him, he breaks through the door and charges me, but my neighbor shoots him right between the eyes... That was the worst night of my life, I’m Johnny and this is my story