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I complete only real games! no fake games with 5k fake achievements!
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Iam proud about my position on logisticalboard (they call it as leaderboard) without playing achievementspam Logistical games (which might be from one astats developer as they not want to adjust its point value to fair level)

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The curator group dont mark any game as recommended so it shows useful information about achievements on the store page of the games without influencing the main store page of steam with recommendations + all games sorted to lists based on expected completion times. No point not to follow!:-)
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Adam Jensen 007 Jul 20 @ 10:15am 
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NixA Jul 3 @ 9:02am 
Added regarding groupbuys
Csontzuzo Jun 30 @ 3:28pm 
reviews are subjective, for me Rebel Galaxy was the worst space related game i ever played. Feel free to leave your own review on that game, i respect your opinion that you like it but in my own review i'll stick to my own opinion and i wouldn't recommend that game to anyone. Other than the ok graphic the game felt totally effortless and missed all creativity. But this is a free world, you can think differently. I am happy that it was enjoyable to you.
Jeruzalem Jun 30 @ 2:24pm 
i think that rebel galaxy is a good game. for a 2 man studio, they really poured alot more soul into it than certain other games that are made by big bucks companies. you may find it lacking everything, but alot of people would agree with me that this game was just a stepping stone in the right direction. and you, pretending to be some official or veteran reviewer cant even see that. it shames me to think that you would review it negatively on a purely objective view.
vigor Jun 28 @ 6:49am 
Have a nice weekend!
Alligotti Jun 23 @ 10:56am 
+REP Helpful review on the game "Dreamfall Chapters". :cozybrawlhalla1: