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Clearing out friends as of 8/3/2022. If you want to re-add me, feel free to do so.

Crump killed (-Sol-) Dae Rokker with tf_projectile_rocket.
Crump (Score:20) defeats (-Sol-) Dae Rokker (Score:0) in duel to 20 on Vi

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pyro down :(
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My name's Crump and I love Team Fortress 2. It's pretty much the only game I play on a consistent basis. You'll see me around in casual or community servers from time to time but I also play competitive through . I play every single class except for sniper but primarily play scout, soldier, demo, and heavy.

Brief comp history

Season 10 IM: Heavy for BigBrainComp? (10-0 IM CHAMPS!!!)
Season 11 Main: Demoman for BigBrainComp? (Record with: 2-2)
Season 11 Main: Medic for Anti Fun Coalition (Record with 1-0, made playoffs)
Season 12 Main: Floyd: didn't play, (4-3 missed playoffs)
Season 13 Advanced: Demoman for Kings (currently 2-1)
Season 7 AM: Flank Scout for TeamWithPeopleInIt (4-4)
Season 8 IM: Medic for Wangshen Funeral Parlor (Record with 7-1, left)
Season 10 Main: someone plz roster me

I'd just like to say this for anyone who cares.
No matter what, no matter how long I take a break from Team Fortress 2/Youtube, and no matter how much I play of another game, Team Fortress 2 will ALWAYS and forever be my favorite game ever. I think about it every day, and I'm proud of that. I love the game, it holds special memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It's without question given me the best experience ever. Nothing will separate me from this game. Team Fortress 2 is something special, and I always wished it received more love from Valve, but for now, It's up to me to love the game, and I surely do, and forever will. :sticky:I Love TF2:sticky:
^still true to this day in December 2021 (wrote this in June 2019), always will be true.

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PℯℯkABoo❀†✿ Mar 17 @ 7:49pm 
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Crump Mar 14 @ 7:07pm 
im jus' trying to hit 100 hours on sniper ;(
guh?? Mar 14 @ 5:10pm 
i admire your dedication of refusing to headshot anyone
Goblin Shark Mar 12 @ 9:24pm 
-rep proof of this guy somewhere in a discord server of him talking to underaged kids just be careful around him
s Mar 12 @ 5:10pm 
-rep just L person overall, tbh.
s Mar 4 @ 5:39pm 
scratchh like the kids young