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Early Access Review
Player Base:
☐ Kids
☐ Everyone
☑ Mature
☐ Casual Players
☐ Professional Players

☐ Really Bad
☐ Bad
☐ Ok
☐ Good
☑ Beautiful

☐ Full Price
☑ Wait For Sale
☐ Don't Buy It
☐ Free

☐ Minimum
☐ Medium
☐ Fast
☑ High End
☐ Super Computer

☐ Easy
☐ Medium
☐ Hard
☑ Very Hard
☐ Impossible

Game length (Campaign):
☐ Really Short (0 - 3 hours)
☐ Short (2 - 8 hours)
☐ Medium (8 - 16 hours)
☐ Long (16+ hours)
☐ Endless
☑ No Campaign

☑ None
☐ Really Bad
☐ Bad
☐ Ok
☐ Good
☐ Beautiful

☐ None
☐ Really Bad
☐ Bad
☑ Ok
☐ Good
☐ Beautiful

☐ Really Bad
☐ Bad
☐ Ok
☐ Good
☑ Beautiful

☐ Really Bad
☐ Bad
☐ Ok
☑ Good
☐ Beautiful

☐ Game Breaking Bugs
☐ Lots Of Bugs
☐ Few Bugs
☑ Nothing That I've Noticed

Play Mode:
Multiplayer: ☑
Singleplayer: ☐

Final Score:

Notes - I will be editing this review if updates change the game in any way.
Posted July 1.
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Great game
Posted May 22.
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great game
Posted November 23, 2018.
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/ \\
'<' )
\- /
| |
( | , | (\/)
) _\)_ | -|- | <_@__>
_(/_ || | | | (/\)(\/)
|| || | | (\/) <_@_>
|| || | | <_@_>'(/\)
|| || | | (/\|/|-.
|| || .---------. _|_|_
|| ||_,-'---------'-,__ |WWWWW|
.-. / \
//)\\ | |
||(|| .-. (\__/)
.//\\\. //|\\ _)__(_
/ `"""` \ )|||( /` `\
| |
| |
| |

.*' " " *.
* *
/ (-\-| ___
| `-=-( /.-.\
.(`-.__/-,// ||
/ \ | // </
| \ | //\ .*' " " *.
| | |_// | * .---. *
| | (_ \`| *.|.==; \*
| /_/\/_/ \-)-\ '.
\_/-._) | \=_,\ \
| \//| | /`_.-`. \
| // | | / _ \ \
|//| | | .*'*. | ||`\_/ | |
// | | | *.---.* | \\_/ / |
// | | | /(--)\`\ \ `| | |
|/| | | | /.--. | | \_/\__/; |
| | | | /.---. / / ) \ |
| | | | |\_____/ / / \_;
| | | | |______|/ \ / /
| | | | \______/\__\ / `;-.
'--'-'--' \ \/ | `\
/ \ \ \ _.')
/__/\__\ '--'`------'

|/. .\|
( > )
\ - /
.' '.
| |
| , |
| -|- |
| | |
| |
| |
| |
Posted July 30, 2017. Last edited August 11, 2017.
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Let me start by saying that having played MMOs since they were a "thing", I HATE free to play games. They have single handedly ruined the MMO genre. Instead of buying the game like Guild Wars 1&2, or paying a monthly fee like WoW, it's considered totally normal now to be nickel and dimed to death while you play a shoddy bug ridden game until the developer abandons it to go make another WoW clone and start the process over again. It's even leached into the single player market with needign day one DLCs to play the damn games. All these free to plays should have stayed sub based with unending trials, free accounts limited in level and gear, or should have gone the buy to play route. Thats said, nothing I can do about it, the market is what it is, here is my review of STO:

I've played this game off and on since launch, before it was on Steam and went free to play. It's gotten quite grindy at endgame, but what MMO isn't. You'll probably love this game if you like Star Trek. Ground game is decent, ship combat is a lot of fun. Character creation is very good also, as per any Cryptic game, play as any of the iconic races or an alien of your own creation.

Very fair free to play model also, imho one of the fairest. Expansions are all free. Everything in the cash shop can be earned ingame with time. The cash shop consists of mostly cosmetic items, along with ships for every tier, and quality of life upgrades, such as inventory and bank space. The only must buy item would probably be a tier 6 ship for endgame. Up until then, you get a free ship every ten levels. I only say must buy because you will hit max level long before you have saved up enough to buy it for free.

They do go on sale, and the in cash shop currecy "ZEN" will go on sale once in a while also. But, you can wait and save dilithium, the main ingame currency, for a few months and trade it for ZEN to buy a ship. Why not wait til a sale, drop 20 on the game, and buy a ship and a costume? You've paid more for games that only provided 20 hours of gameplay I'm sure, and the developers really do deserve money for their work.

Now, about the pay to win calls claims from people..

Yes, it works the other way and you can also trade ZEN for dilitium, which is used in upgrading your gear. It's less "buying" gear, and more about speeding up the upgrade process. The thing is, it's not required. You can do all endgame with the highest available MK gear without upgrading it. It makes it so you can do daily mission and reputation grinds a little faster on alts and it makes your wee-wee feel bigger. But really, why spend real money so you can upgrade all your gear to max, skipping most of the game, to then cry you have nothing to do in game? The grind is there for a reason. Don't like the grind? Maybe you should rethink playing MMOs.

Call it pay to win if you want, To me, pay to win is paying cash to obtain items that can't be earned in game, or buyign gear that is locked behind raid progression. That's not the case here, but whatever. If you think speeding up what is basicly crafting pay to win, I will never be able to change your mind. Stay away from the game.

I think there should always be something you have to pay for in a free to play game. See the games that try to be super fair and only put comsmetic stuff in thier cash shops? They are either suffering from no income or already dead, because if people don't have to pay, most will not pay. Since when does free to play mean free to access all content anyway? Why would a company make a game and then expect nothign in return? Yet, when they do want something in return of thier product, they are villianized by cheap spoiled children. If that offends you, stay away from the game.

8/10, Probably a 7/10 for non Trek fans, but it's free, so at least try it. Only game I know with ship to ship space combat that isn't Eve.
Posted February 2, 2017.
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Well, basically you drive a truck and deliver trailers to your destinations across Europe. This game is from the people of SCS who made other Truck Simulator games, as referring to 18 Wheels Of Steel Series and Euro Truck Simulator

Seems boring to play if you do the same thing over and over
It sure seems like it does, I honestly thought when I first saw this game it seemed boring when I saw this. I gave the first Euro Truck Simulator a try and loved it. This game soul purpose is ment for people who want to kill the time that's worth it, and love driving.

Is it really all about driving?
Actually, yes it is. It may seem like a easy task to do, but it's actually a challenge.
You start off small as you drive for other companies and build your way up. You start with the very small tasks that you can get done within the first 20 minutes of your gameplay with the short trips. Eventually, you gain skills and level up as you go. You can use those skills to help you for traveling longer distance and get higher payment as you complete the tasks. Eventually, when you get that steady income, you can own your own truck and make even MORE money. You start off with a small garage, and you'll be able to upgrade it and hire drivers as you go! Even yet, take the shortcut way taking out a loan! You pick on what to do!

Is it Realistic?
Yes, and no.
It's really how you look at it. The Physics on this game isn't 'Top Notch' but it get's the job done. For example, you hit a vehicle you'll just hit eachother and no physical damage would be done between the collision. If anything, you'll just get a fine. Speaking of fines, there are laws you have to follow. Such as, speeding, Red Lights and Green Lights and so on. The weather system is alright to my standards as you can change the settings of how often you want it to make it when as you drive. Gas and time is a big factor too. It's important to keep track when you need to complete your delivery and keep your Fuel up at times! Sleep is also needed!

Note: Some of these features can be disabled in the future, but will get rid of that 'Simulation' Feel..

Is there Multiplayer?
The game alone is more focused on the single player aspects. Although there is a mod where you can download and be able to drive with your friends and other people!

Is there Mod Support?
Heck Yes!
You can find alot of mods, such as custom trucks,map mods,Graphic Mods and more!
Although, alot of these mods aren't off the steam Workshop, you would have to try to find these mods somewhere off a ETS2 Mod Page

Is The DLC even worth it?
Yes and no
Theres alot of DLC's shown off this game off the page, but half of them to me aren't worth getting. Most of them are for Paintjobs for your trucks. Even though the Steam Workshop Supplies Free Paintjobs Without even Paying..
The important DLC's are the Map Expansions. These are the three Map Expansions you would likely want in the future

- Euro Truck Simulator Going East
- Euro Truck Simulator Scandanavia
- Euro Truck Simulator Vive La France

All three of these Expansions alone will give you hours of fun for every single DLC. I have over 60 hours on this game, and only explored 67.32% of the map! That's because I took my time, and didn't rush

The Issues I had in the past
There hasn't been that many issues in the past for me, I had rare crashes that happens here and there and stuttering problems, but that's likely my CPU bottlenecking my performance. The AI traffic can be brutal at times, making sudden stops ahead of you, or cutting you off simply. But this is a rare occurance. Although, take care as you put Mods into your game, some mods will crash your game at times, but that's often rare in that case.

My Final Verdict
if you love driving, this is a must have! I never had interets into trucks until I played this! The scenery all around you while driving is just..breathtaking. Enough where you just want to stop and admire the scenery around you! Theres a wonderful Day/Night Transition, weather affects, going 90kmh in the UK is just great!

For a Simulator, I'm giving this a 9/10. There has never EVER been a game like this before!
Posted December 30, 2016.
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TL;DR - The game is fun, but the devs have wrecked it from the good game it used to be, breaking several parts of this good game. They attempted to make the game simpler and more accesible but just made it broken. It was fun for a while, but it isn't worth it for someone wanting to start playing now.

Having had this game for over a year and a half now, packing in hundreds of hours with friends, and currently being Infamy level 9, I think I can say that I have a good perspective of this game.

When I started playing, the game was very different. All the weapons were unique in their own aspects, with completely different stats in damage, accuracy, stability, etc. There were only the 4 main characters, and there was only maybe one or two DLC's. Leveling back then took much longer than now, having to grind missions like Firestarter, Rats, and Watch Dogs to try and get XP and level up. The bulldozer enemies were an actual annoyance, basically requiring someone to take a Thanatos sniper rifle because the bulldozers were basically walking-tank-death-machines. You had to grind probably over 50+ hours to even move up one infamy level.

But that all changed to the game we have now.

First of all, they completely wrecked in game stats and mechanics. You used to have a tactically set up team. One person would be the medic, having Inspire to revive teammates from a distance and doctor bags. Another person would be a super tank, with the ICTV armor and increased melee damage and armor regen. Another person would bring drill buffing skills and C4 charges, to open safes and place traps on the enemy. You needed a variety on your team, or you would lose. They added dodge, which is a fun mechanic, but kind of broke the meta at first, being almost completely unable to be shot by enemies and doing insane damage with dual-wielding pistols. The whole skill system has changed now. You need way less skill points to unlock stuff, and they flopped the skill trees around and mixed and matched stuff all over the place. You don't even need to use the in-game money to buy skills anymore. Now, instead of each person having a role, every person on the team can have Inspire, use ICTV, have drill skills, have skills for every weapon type, and have movement skills to sprint around the map like crazy. You can easily solo missions that used to require a team of coordinated people.

And weapons were changed also. Each weapon used to have individual stats, completely different damage, accuracy, concealment, stability, etc. from every other weapon in its class. But now, they have damage tiers for each group, with guns being almost identical except for their model and textures, and its just absolutely stupid. They broke akimbo pistols, made them OP as hell, and now shotguns are OP, literally one-shot-killing any cop besides the Bulldozer in the game even from a good distance away. Weapons are f***** up now.

The DLC's are crazy. Honestly. I think they are on something like their 35th DLC or something like that. And considering each one is a few dollars each, the total price for you just buying the game and all of its DLCs is way over $150 or more by now. Even when Steam sales come around, you'll still be paying a dollar or two for each one. At first, it was okay. The first Gage pack and the second one added new weapon types (that were very much needed), new grenades, masks, achievements, mods, and even heists for free in some of the early ones. But now, with like the 15th character added to the game or something to that length, they basically just re-texture an existing character, add in like 5 voice lines, a single weapon, make it cost $4.99 and call it a day. It is insane what they are doing.

And, that isnt even taking into account microtransactions. At first it was even worse, they added cases like in CSGO or Team Fortress 2, and decided to make it not pay-to-win, but pay-to-get-much-better-stuff, because the guns in the safe could have "Stat-Boost" capabilities and give you an easier time beating missions. But thats changed at least, the safes used to require $2.49 keys to open, but now you can open them for free (at least, the new ones).

Heists are a whole different story. First off, stealth is EXTREMELY easy now. Its basically as easy as loud if you just know the objectives during the mission. You used to have to make a stealth build, with certain skills required to sneak around and grab bags and use ECM Jammers. Now, you can literally stealth with zero skills just as easily as with any skills, and you can get the not-required-but-very-helpful skills within a few levels after you go infamous. And you can basically use any gun in the game during stealth even without some of the concealment mods. You used to have to actually plan out the mission and use coordinated weapons that can fit the concealment modifier.

When trying to level up, so many missions are now obselete. So many missions used to be fun to do, like Framing Frame, Election Day, Watch Dogs, etc. but they are now rendered basically useless because of the horrible XP and money you get from the mission compared to the difficulty and/or time spent. The only missions really worth grinding now and using to even get reasonable XP or money is Hoxton Breakout or Hotline Miami, with a few other outliers that are decent but arent on the same tier. And also, the difficulty system is so dumb. Normal difficulty is irrelevent in my opinion, the only use is to get cards when farming on Jewelry Store. Hard and Very Hard difficulty are just super easy unless you are new to shooters completely. Overkill is good for playing with random people but its still quite easy. Death Wish is the mode people play with friends on loud because its pretty easy when you are coordinated, and there is no reason to do Stealth missions that are not on Death Wish because it is almost the exact same mission when on any difficulty.

However, the modding scene is truly amazing. The introduction of BLT (Better Lua Tool) and recently BeardLib has opened up opportunity for so much more. The sad thing is, people are fixing the game for OVERKILL. The Desync issues in game are crazy. The connection to other players and what OVERKILL has made client-side and server-side is absolutely stupid. Players are in different places on everyone's screen, and people slingshot all over in a worse case scenario. Now, people have had to make a mod that updates player position so that they show up in the correct place. As well, there are hundreds of weapon rebalance mods that fix all the OP and underpowered weapons that OVERKILL refuses to fix. Its great there are mods, but its not good when people need to fix the game for OVERKILL.

In conclusion; personally, the game is fun. Its a good shooter with a lot of customization that really does cater to the cooperative multiplayer group, a group I am a huge part of, since I mostly play with my friends. Ive spent a lot of hours playing it, and ill probably spend a lot more. Its fun. Its a fun game with friends. Most people probably wont want to buy DLC, or Skins, or anything besides the base game. That's fine, its optional. I have bought quite a few of the DLC's myself. I support the devs. But for someone coming in new to the game, they'd see that the game is broken, with fixes needed in so many aspects of it, that can, as of right now, only be fixed by modding the game cause OVERKILL refuses to change the game back to the way it was before. I like the game, and I'm sure many people who've played it for a while agree. It was a fun game then, and its a mediocre game now, but I would not recommend it to someone who wants to buy and start fresh.
Posted September 3, 2016.
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Amazing game 10/10
Posted February 17, 2016.
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Early Access Review
best game 2015
Posted June 10, 2015.
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Posted July 26, 2014.
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