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'Cos swimming alone at sea is not the kind of freedom that you actually want.

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I had a bit of a weird sexual development, y'know. Instead of a girlfriend at age 16, I had some 50 year-old chick who treated me as though I was having a sort of affair with her. Do you know what I mean? She definitely treated me as a "bit of stuff" rather than as an equal. I mean, this was completely fine with me. I was doing this awesome smoking hot chick, and moreover one who was unavailable to my peers. Man, I bet they wish they had the sort of sexual education I did!

After a while though, it started to grate, because she'd never take my opinions seriously, and that kinda rankled. Still I was 16, and she had, like, multiple degrees, so I couldn't blame her. Eventually, I moved away and we just sort of stopped seeing each other. I kind of wish we'd kept in touch and stuff, because there's been multiple times I could have used her wisdom and erudition. Still, all things must end, eh?

Anyway, ever since then, my life has been a pattern of affairs; I never really quite found the pursuit of single girls as fulfilling and rewarding as when you get some married broad to cheat on her husband through simply being a better man than him. Now, I kind of regret not settling down earlier, because I seem to have a lot of trust issues, always wondering when they'll end it and go back to their spouses. Still, it's better to regret something you did, than something you didn't, I guess.

So, anyway, and this is a bit of a sad end to the story, so sorry 'bout that. She died recently - I only noticed because of the obituaries in the paper - and it turns out she left something to me in her will. Well, not her will exactly, but the solicitor called me up to say there was an envelope with my name on it. It was dated only a few weeks after we broke up.

I'm not afraid to tell you I was kinda scared by this; my blood literally ran cold when I saw her ever familar script on the envelope. I was kinda shaking when I read it, and despite the fact it's kinda private (and a little bit sexy!) I kinda want to tell you guys what it said. It's important, and I think everyone should know. This is what it said:

"You have like the most amazing cock in the world. And Rocket League is really, really good."

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