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Hello, my name is Nick, and I play Deometry Dahs.

I also play dee ess dough docket leeg, and dunturned.

I stream, too. Make sure to check me out :3 .

Lastly, I do sell stuff. I sell add-ons like cases from CS:GO and maybe Unturned :D Make sure to check my sales, I sell for cheap money.

Thanks for reading!
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trumbet Aug 26, 2016 @ 11:20pm 
Hi! I am willing to help anybody with any computer problems. Please comment below here for assistance, I will comment what you need help for and the cure in one of your discussions. So if you don't have any, make one! You can probably name the topic "Happy Help!" It will also get the comment to me faster!

Thank you!

-Happybros4us Team