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I'm twenty-one but I never had a clue
I'm hanging here just to try and play it cool
Ran out of time I can barely make it through
Booze down my throat I see waves of changing hues

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If you're expecting a standard profile information you are in the wrong place, don't even bother in reading this. Why? why are the things in life in the way they are? Why if we have an innovating idea about something we can't just be free in saying it without fear of being pinpointed because we are not thinking same way as the others do? Why do we live in a capitalist society? because is the only way that the world could co-exist right? Since the beginning of our life we are scheduled to act and be in X way, we are trained to go to school, go to college, get a degree, form a family or not, 200 years has been like that, same technique as a factory piece by piece assembled to create something and then being sold to the system, what's the point then right? whats the difference of us living or dying? at some point the world is gonna explode in some way and then what? what is going to be? find a new planet that can shelter life, is just being realistic, in 5/10/50 years we are going to have problem over potable water, global warming (maybe is just an invention by the Chinese we'll have to see) Now you're probably thinking "this person must be a hipster, going against the society and stuff" and no, not really I'm just trying to say that we should see the big picture, try to understand our society and being able to put in the other side of the picture, that not everything is white or black, that everything has his own context
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❤️femscout❤♀💣 Apr 21 @ 5:18pm 
nice max cosplay
Van Helsing Apr 21 @ 3:51pm 
Have a nice weekend! Van Helsing
Marty McFly Apr 15 @ 6:47pm 
(ಠ_ಠ) Just making sure you got home safely, again
♣ Coraline Castell ♣ Apr 5 @ 5:19pm 
Hey, Faith! Thanks for the trade but no-one even took me up on my original offer. Still trying to give away my coupon... keep yours, dear! But danke! <3
soycarlosalas Apr 2 @ 6:10pm 
REP thx 4 trade!