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I HAVE IMPERSONATORS , i do not trade with anyone outside this account. If you get added by someone saying its me on a second account, its not, i only use this account. They usually add people who comment on my profile, so beware if you get a friend request by me after commenting, its most likley a scammer!

If you're here to trade, don't add me but send a trade offer instead please :) I will often respond to trade offers much earlier than I respond to random adds, and i often remove friend requests

Trade link

FATMANN | G O T 'E M B O Y Z: were*
FATMANN | G O T 'E M B O Y Z: just you're grammar
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Watch out for impersonators, I only use this account to trade. profile
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trade offer link:

send a trade offer instead of adding me if you're here to trade
I'm chef Jeff
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citrus sake 2 hours ago 
i sent a trade offer
Grexbust® 4 hours ago 
And it last's till feb 5th/9th
Grexbust® 4 hours ago 
Added because i have a trade ban and i wanna trade for a unusual
Badhitreg 11 hours ago 
Added for your luchadore
CRAZY VIKING 16 hours ago 
JÄCKY 16 hours ago