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Posted: Nov 11 @ 10:28am

Daemon_9 is an interesting horror game that uses FMV to tell its story, as well as outside resources that require you to do some investigation in browsers, and using your email. It’s reminiscent of some ARGs, and evokes a sense of Majestic, if you happen to remember that EA game from way, way back, where it would email, phone and I believe even fax you.

The story is about a girl, Morgan Shane, who went missing after she started exhibiting strange quirks. Her friend, Anna, tries to help her, until bad things happen. You, a mysterious stranger, come across a bunch of info on a computer, and you have to piece together what happened by reading notes and documents, viewing images, watching videos, and having the occasional conversation.

The majority of the game is presented as a computer desktop, and has you opening various files to uncover clues. Perhaps his shirt means something? Perhaps that camera she’s holding is a clue? Who knows? You have to dig deep, find usernames, talk to people, and do some research.

If you want to check out some gameplay, watch my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U3W6BOoNM0

Some of the research is accomplished outside of the game, as I said. There’s one point where you provide your email address, and will receive an email with more clues. You’ll need to visit various websites, which use your browser.

There is little sound throughout the game, save for the obvious videos you have to watch. Very minimal background music, which is both a good and bad thing, as it helps you to focus, but also leaves lots of stretches of silence.

The story is neat, and maintains itself throughout most of the game, but loses a bit of its lustre near the end, where you see something that probably would have been better left to the imagination.

  • Good story
  • Good acting
  • Figuring out clues was fun
  • Decent pacing and challenge
  • Story unravels near the end
  • Overly short
I would happily recommend Daemon_9, both as a fan of FMV games and horror games. It’s overly short, but it’ll give you a fun ride while it lasts, and is well worth its low asking price.

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