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Posted: Jan 5 @ 10:11am

The Norwood Suite is a hard game to describe. It’s weird, strange, interesting, odd, confusing, quirky.

It’s also damned fun. A rather short experience at just over 2.5 hours (longer if it takes you more time to figure out some of the puzzles), but in that 150 minute timespan, you’re treated to an interesting story with a really weird but intriguing cast of characters, great level design, and fantastic music.

You play as a guest arriving at The Norwood, a weird hotel that’s known for being the home of a musician, Peter Norwood, way back. The man was as eccentric as the people you encounter and need to help out. A group of musicians working on new material, an employee who loves Blue Moose, front desk clerks who are coy about things in the hotel, and many more.

The game centers around you completing tasks for the various guests, to unlock access to locations that help you collect items to be able to talk to a DJ, which is the ultimate goal in the game. All the characters have unique dialogue when you’ll overhear, and they change what they say as you get closer when they address you directly. Some of the tasks you need to do can be confusing, but there’s a front desk concierge who can point you in the right direction.

It’s a very pretty game to look at, filled with weird and macabre decorations, twisting hallways, odd rooms, and more surreal things. It’s accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack that really immerses you into the game.

  • Excellent story
  • Unique characters that made me want to exhaust their dialogue options
  • Minor puzzle solving that somehow seems to fit within the theme of the game
  • Weird but interesting ending that I didn’t expect at all
  • Easy achievements to collect for those that achievement hunt
  • Priced right
  • Fairly short
  • No reason to replay once you’ve finished it, unless you missed an achievement and want to go for it
All in all, The Norwood Suite is an excellent adventure game. You won’t rack your brain on its simplistic puzzles, but you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and story of this twisted and surreal world.

(The Norwood Suite was purchased directly through Steam. This review has not been paid for in any way.)
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