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Posted: Dec 27, 2017 @ 6:05am

Caligo is a short, first-person exploration game. Sure, you can call it a walking simulator if you like. You have a fairly slow-paced walk, no run, and a crouch that I don’t believe I used even once. You explore various environments, while listening to a story being told: starting off in a lighthouse, you work through your way through a gorgeous forest, to a shipwreck, to a couple of more locations, all while trying to figure out why you’re here and how you got there.

The extent of your interaction with the world is to pick up drawings you find scattered throughout the various areas. There are twenty in total, and collecting all of them earns you an achievement, but that’s about it. Otherwise, you walk around and explore. If it were an ugly game, this would be an issue, but Caligo is presented nice and darkly, with lots of creepy decor mixed in with happy and fun decor.

The story is told strictly through dialogue between you and your… tour guide, for lack of a better word that I cannot think of at the moment. For the most part, the voiceover by the disembodied character is good, but the player character is terrible. Perhaps the odd filter that’s used on the other character masks how bad it may be, but it sounded just fine to me.

It’s a fairly short game. My play time on Steam is just under 90 minutes, and that includes having all three cards drop and all three achievements unlocked. Aside from the collection achievement, you’ll earn one for completing the game, and the third can be earned by choosing a different option at the end of the game. That level can be replayed through the main menu, and you can skip most of the dialogue, so it’s not a difficult game to get 100% completion on, should you be one of those who likes to do everything.

  • Good graphics with a dark environment
  • Good audio design with decent voiceovers by a couple of the characters
  • Neat story, it kept me intrigued
  • Bad voice acting by the player
  • Fairly short, but the price is right for its length, so I’m up in the air on this one
  • No replay value whatsoever
All in all, Caligo was a short but satisfying experience, and one I have absolutely no regrets buying. It tells a neat story in a dark world, and is priced accordingly for how long it’ll take you.

(Caligo was purchased directly through Steam. This review has not been paid for in any way.)
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