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TF2 "Accomplishments":

UGC HL Steel !? Season 9: 7-5 (preseason totally counts)
UGC HL Steel !? Season 10: 5-3
UGC HL Gold NASTY Season 15: 9-4 2nd Place

UGC 6s Steel Nx6 Season 12: 3-4 (:spycon:)
UGC 6s Steel .toasty/XGG Season 13: 5-4
UGC 6s Silver .ss Season 14: 5-4
UGC 6s Gold Shrek'd Season 15: 5-5
UGC 6s Steel .sml Season 17: 10-2 1st Place (I mentored, pls)

UGC 4s Steel SQUAD Season 1: 8-4 Consolation 3rd (please kill me)
UGC 4s Steel !? Season 2: 8-4 (Forfeits are fun for both ways)

CEVO Open Bus| Season 5: 6-10
ESEA Open _feeds Season 18: 8-6 (folded)
ESEA Open _kahuna Season 19: 6-2 (folded)
ESEA IM _Splash Season 19: oh god, who put me on scout
ESEA Open BLANC Season 20: 12-4 (1-1) Tied for 5th Place
ESEA IM BLANC Season 21: 7-9
ESEA Open NOIR Season 28: 13-3 (I'M BACK BOYS) (1-1) Tied for 5th Place
ESEA IM BLANC Season 31: 7-9

RGL Main BLANC Season 1: 13-3 (2-1) 2nd Place

GXL 2015 7th-8th place: Pocket Spades' Slick Bodyguards Monthly Cup April: BLANC Pocket 3rd-4th

Random Accolades: First ever Classic frag in ESEA
Best Heavy ESEA S18
2nd Most Rocket Frags ESEA S20

Won Heavy S2 LAN (now leave me alone, Dank):
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Quotes and matchmaking nonsense
swissfucker : keep playing demoman its the closest thing to the black vote youll ever get

le mermaid gril XDXDXD : Spamming binds won't bring daddy back, you meme loving faggot

Ody : Cheaters are going to be the end of mMM

Squids : craisin go hack somewhere else faggot

WildArmy : fuck u sniper i want to take that rifle of urs and shove it up ur ass to it comes out of ur mouth and get it on video.

WildArmy : Awww! look! the sniper is now trying to make me made! fail so y u don't just stop is behond me

*DEAD* StrangeAxle : brute force it tourneyfag soldier

MesaMixes™ {Rappas} : fuking people who have to gack cuz theyt suck

*DEAD* Tyrovic : wow
*DEAD* Tyrovic : we killed a hacker
*DEAD* Tyrovic : yay

Caps Lock : ren i went spec, carisn headshot u while he was facing the other way

moonpie : nice haxer
moonpie : fucking dick fucks

*DEAD* Crasian : how did i hit that???????
*DEAD* Baltimora : wow, yup, they got a hacker
Baltimora : just got headshot through a wall
* moyrry christmas! changed class to Scout
*DEAD* Baltimora : this team blows hard
moyrry christmas! : i blow too
*DEAD* Baltimora : they have an aimbotter anyway
Baltimora : new account, no stranges
Baltimora : scoring headshots thru walls
FartOnCats : true
*DEAD* moyrry christmas! : he's actually hacking tho
FartOnCats : but wait
trobort : yup
FartOnCats : its not a new account :thinking:
Monad Man : yeah they hacking?
Monad Man : this other guy was def hacking and he had a funny hat on
Baltimora : he's got a wall of quotes trying to be funny
Baltimora : and is in ESEA groups
Baltimora : either a hacker or someone with absolutely no life and absolutely extra chromosomes
Monad Man : wtf is that
Monad Man : whats esea
Baltimora : all these eSports award mentions on his profile
Baltimora : as if they mean anything
Baltimora : 'Hey boss, I know i'm autistic and can't function, but LOOK AT MY ESPORT WINS IN TF2'
Baltimora : retards like you ruin this game
Crasian : :)
moyrry christmas! : :thinking:
Baltimora : and that's my rant

[S9] mini fridge : juse walked around crasian for like 2 minutes invisible
[S9] mini fridge : and nothing suspicious
ShootMePleez : just
ShootMePleez : you could have been dead
[S9] mini fridge : retards were wrong
ShootMePleez : but he didn't want it
ShootMePleez : its like god
ShootMePleez : but stupid

*DEAD* demise180 : Kick your hacker
demise180 : please
*DEAD* Jacob116 : krasin is suspicious
Chromica : More than just suspicious
demise180 : not suspicious, he shot me through the wall
Chromica : Straight up fishy
The Dominator : he has a high rank tho
I ❤ Xanax : I smell it too
*DEAD* slippery slope6 : cheater
Chromica : Rank could just be a function of getting a lot of points from cheating
*DEAD* The Dominator : true
*DEAD* KovaH__ : 'tis a shame
*DEAD* The Dominator : nvm i think crasian is cheating
*DEAD* I ❤ Xanax : Kick the fucking hacker red
*****SPADE***** : crasian=pussy hacker
Hambro : oh we have a hacker
Hambro : neat

*DEAD* Mama Luigi : where was that fucking sniper
*DEAD* Mama Luigi : because he was nowhere when he headshit me
*DEAD* Mama Luigi : sniper = bullshit
*DEAD* Mama Luigi : that was absolute bull
*DEAD* Mama Luigi : what the fuck
*DEAD* Mama Luigi : that wasnt even nearly fair
*DEAD* Mama Luigi : i fucking hate sniper

*DEAD* Small Taratect <Level 7> : one day valve will ban you
✯Occidentalist✯ : off to a new server gg no spread bind kid
Beep☢Platinum☢ : play the game as intended next time'
*DEAD* Small Taratect <Level 7> : and it will be a hilarious 2 weeks

Gadgets : I saw your horace and was like 'shit'

*Bunta : your demo has silent aimbot btw.

Kazoo Penguin : Hey Crasian like your aimbot
Kazoo Penguin : makes you look 'profetionaal

NIgerian Mario : im serious how this nigga crasian murdering me with such finesse
NIgerian Mario : Crasian on god imma bitch slap you to africa if you keep killing me

Thot Patrol Lieutenant : i think that craisan is my personal rapist
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